How to Make Naraka: Bladepoint Highlights With AI Clip Generators

Naraka: Bladepoint, an exciting and free-to-play action battle royale created by 24 Entertainment and published by NetEase Games Montreal, has caught the attention of gamers everywhere.

In this intense game, up to 60 players face off in a fight for survival. But have you ever wished you could effortlessly capture the most thrilling moments from your gameplay streams?

Thanks to AI technology, creating highlights from your Naraka: Bladepoint streams is now simpler than ever.

This guide will walk you through the easy steps using the Eklipse AI tool.

Step 1 – Create Your Eklipse Account and Connect to Twitch or YouTube

To get started, you’ll need an Eklipse account linked to your streaming platform. Follow these simple steps to set it up:

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Click on your user profile icon, then go to Account Settings.
  3. Choose the Personal Details tab and click “Add Account” in the top right corner.

Once your Eklipse account is set up and connected to Twitch or YouTube, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2 – Stream on Twitch or YouTube and Get Naraka: Bladepoint Highlights on Eklipse

Now it’s time to stream your Naraka: Bladepoint gameplay on Twitch or YouTube. After your stream, follow these instructions to get your highlights:

  1. Head to the “Clip” section and choose “Streams” to find your past streams.
    • Make sure your Twitch or YouTube stream settings are public so Eklipse can access your highlights.
  2. Click “Get Clip” and select Naraka: Bladepoint as the game category.
    • Remember to set your game category as Naraka: Bladepoint when streaming on platforms like Twitch, Kick, or YouTube.

Wait briefly, and your Naraka: Bladepoint Highlights will be ready to go.

Step 3 – Convert Your Content to TikTok/Shorts/Reels

To expand your audience and effectively share your livestream content, consider converting your Naraka: Bladepoint highlights into TikTok, Shorts, or Reels formats. Here’s how to do it with Eklipse:

  1. Pick one of your highlights from Clip > Streams, and click “Convert to TikTok/Shorts/Reels.”
  2. Choose a template that fits your content style.
  3. Customize the layout, including your facecam and gameplay area.
  4. Add text, channel name stickers, and auto captions to enhance your content.
  5. Hit “Publish,” and your transformed content is ready to be shared.

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With Eklipse’s AI highlights tool, creating captivating Naraka: Bladepoint highlights from your Twitch, Kick, or YouTube livestreams is a breeze. These highlights can also be easily transformed into TikTok, Shorts, or Reels formats, broadening your content’s reach. Elevate your streaming experience and connect with a larger audience, all thanks to the power of AI-driven highlights.

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