Buddha Net Worth, Social Media, Biography and More in 2023

Buddha has garnered significant attention from both the media and fans, becoming a captivating figure in the spotlight. In this article, we will share Buddha’s net worth, professional journey, relationship status, background, accomplishments, and other pertinent facets of his life.

Buddha’s Net Worth in 2023

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Buddha possesses a net worth that is believed to exceed $1,8 million. At present, it is estimated that he earns approximately $50,580.50 on a monthly basis. His monthly earnings amount to $50,580.50, generated from various sources of income. These sources encompass Twitch subscriptions, advertising revenue, and collaborations with brands.


Buddha’s monthly income directly from Twitch amounts to roughly $48,470.50. Let’s break down his sources of income.

1. Subscription

As of November 2022, Twitchtracker reports that Buddha has 9,335 active subscribers, which translates to an estimated monthly income of $32,672.50 from Twitch subscriptions, assuming a 70/30 revenue split with Twitch at a rate of $3.50 per subscription.

2. Advertisement

Buddha streamed for approximately 162 hours last month, with an average viewership of 7,926. Assuming he runs ads twice per hour at a $5 CPM (cost per thousand views), his monthly earnings from ads would amount to $12,798.

3. Donations and Bits

Calculating Buddha’s income from donations and bits is more challenging due to the lack of specific figures. However, based on his viewership level, it is reasonable to estimate that Buddha receives an additional $2,000 to $3,000 or potentially more in monthly donations.


Buddha’s primary source of income on YouTube stems from Adsense revenue. Based on data from Socialblade, he garnered 55,004 views last month. He earns approximately $110 per month from this platform.

Brand Deals

Based on the information provided in Buddha’s Twitch panels, it seems that his sole brand partnership is with Artesian Builds. This partnership appears to involve an affiliate code that allows viewers to enjoy discounts on their purchases. It is probable that Buddha also receives a percentage of the profits from each sale.

A reasonable estimate suggests that Buddha earns between $1,000 and $2,000 per month from this particular brand arrangement.

Buddha’s Personal Life: Age, Social Media, Followers

Source: Dexerto

Buddha, also known as Lucas Ramos, is a Canadian Twitch star in his 20s or 30s who gained fame through GTA RP. Not only on Twitch, but he is also active on Twitter with the account @Thebuddha_3.

Unexpectedly, his viewers were left in disbelief when Buddha disclosed that medical professionals had identified a cerebral hemorrhage on the left hemisphere of his brain on November 13th, necessitating surgical intervention to address the issue.

Fortunately, Buddha emerged from the procedure unscathed and was discharged from the medical facility a few days later. He was prescribed anti-seizure medication and advised to schedule a follow-up CT scan at a later date.

Later in the same month, Buddha required an additional surgical procedure to address the need for cleaning out an incision that medical professionals had initially made during the initial operation.

Now, Buddha has made a comeback on social media, sharing another optimistic update concerning his well-being following the urgent surgical procedure.

Buddha’s Career Journey

Although Buddha had been streaming on the platform for years, it was with the rise of NoPixel 3.0 that Lucas himself experienced a surge in popularity.

Buddha’s RP persona goes by the name of Lang Buddha, a character who has evolved and undergone multiple iterations over time.

In addition to his prominence in GTA RP, Buddha has also made a name for himself in games like Arma 2 and Rust. As part of his stream wrap-up, he frequently joins TrainwrecksTV and xQc for gambling or slots streams (although xQc has ceased such streams nowadays).

Buddha has amassed a substantial following of over 820,000 on Twitch. While experiencing a successful stint on Kick earlier in the year, contractual commitments with organizations like TSM, affiliated with Twitch, compelled Buddha to return to the platform.

Now fully back on Twitch, fans anticipate that once Buddha’s legal obligations conclude, he may transition back to Kick. Notably, Kick has already attracted numerous renowned Twitch streamers despite its early stages, and it is expected to draw even more as the platform gains further traction.


Buddha has achieved significant success on Twitch and has gained a large following due to his entertaining content and engaging personality. Despite facing health issues in 2022, he has made a successful comeback and continues to entertain his fans. With his rising net worth and potential opportunities for future brand deals and partnerships, Buddha’s future in the streaming industry looks bright.

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