iShowSpeed Opens Up About Adin Ross Amid Rumble-Kick Debate

In a recent livestream, iShowSpeed, the popular content creator, discussed his friendship with Adin Ross and shed light on their current relationship. Following his decision to stream on Rumble alongside Kai Cenat, iShowSpeed revealed that he and Adin had not spoken in months, and their communication had significantly dwindled. 

The Distance between iShowSpeed and Adin Ross

Source: Dexerto

iShowSpeed’s candid revelation about his interaction with Adin Ross sparked curiosity among viewers during his livestream. When asked about future collaborations with Adin, iShowSpeed expressed his disappointment, stating that they hadn’t spoken for months. Despite reaching out through text messages, Adin had not responded, leaving iShowSpeed to conclude that Adin no longer wished to maintain their friendship.

How Rumble and Kick Influence Their Relationship

The recent launch of iShowSpeed’s streaming show on Rumble, alongside Kai Cenat, appears to have played a pivotal role in the growing divide between him and Adin Ross. Adin, a supporter of Kick, dissapointed when iShowSpeed and Kai opted for Rumble. Adin had an attachment to Kick, and their decision to join a different platform left him “feeling hurt”.

Adin Ross, in his pursuit of bringing iShowSpeed and Kai back to Kick, has been vocal in his support for the platform. When iShowSpeed faced issues with unmoderated content on YouTube, Adin urged him to switch to Kick, emphasizing that he deserved better treatment and an opportunity for ownership. 

Adin even claimed that both Kai and iShowSpeed were offered lucrative deals, allegedly worth 40 million dollars, by Kick. However, both content creators have refuted these claims, asserting that such offers were never made.


The dynamics between iShowSpeed and Adin Ross have led to a significant decline in their communication. Despite their shared history and previous collaborations, iShowSpeed has expressed disappointment over Adin’s lack of response to his messages. The ongoing debate between Rumble and Kick, along with Adin’s persistent efforts to bring them back to his preferred platform, continue to strain their friendship. Only time will tell the future of their relationship.

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