Ninja Streams on Kick Following the Latest Twitch Controversy!


Ninja, the renowned internet star, has taken a significant step in his career by initiating his first-ever stream on Kick.

This decision comes as a response to his discontent with Twitch’s newly proposed guidelines, which aim to restrict streamers from integrating branded and sponsored content into their streams.

Backlash against Twitch’s Restrictive Guidelines

On June 6, Twitch introduced new guidelines that were met with strong disapproval from numerous influential figures.

Prominent influencers such as OTK expressed their dissatisfaction, and even MrBeast, Ludwig, and Dr Disrespect criticized the proposed changes.

The negative reception to these restrictions has led many streamers to seek alternative platforms. Among them is Ninja, who has decided to shift his content from Twitch to Kick.

Ninja Embraces Kick as a New Platform

Ninja’s venture into Kick marks an exciting milestone in his online journey. In his inaugural stream, he delved into the latest Fortnite season, which introduces rideable raptors and Optimus Prime.

To announce this milestone, Ninja shared on Twitter: “Live on Kick and YouTube today,” along with a link to his Kick page. Seizing the moment, the official Kick Twitter account responded with enthusiasm, saying, “Big moves.”

Prior to his Kick and YouTube streams, Ninja briefly streamed on Twitch for less than an hour. He concluded the stream by urging his viewers to follow him across platforms:

With an exclamation, he declared:

“Alright, fk it, we’re getting off Twitch and going to YouTube, man. I’m getting off early. You know where else we’re going today, dude? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, we’re going to say YOLO swag fk it, and test out Kick.”

Criticism of Twitch’s Policy Change

Ninja has not been hesitant in voicing his criticism of Twitch regarding their policy change concerning multi-platform streaming.

Twitch’s updated Terms of Service prohibit users from streaming on platforms similar to Twitch while simultaneously streaming on Twitch.

This policy alteration compelled Ninja to end his Twitch stream prematurely in order to stream on Kick and YouTube.

The prominent streamer deemed this change “tone-deaf,” as he failed to comprehend why the rule applies to non-partnered or non-affiliated users.


With his debut stream on Kick, Ninja showcased his adaptability and determination to provide quality content to his audience. This bold step marks a new chapter in Ninja’s career, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the streaming industry.

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