Rain Wants Kick to Acquire FaZe Clan: A Potential Partnership

FaZe Rain, one of the founding members of FaZe Clan, desires for Kick, a renowned streaming platform, to acquire the organization. Rain’s recent concerns about FaZe Clan’s operations, including the signing of Grace Van Dien, have led to this desire for change.

During a podcast episode, Rain openly expresses his preference for Kick to take control and emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts. Kick, a prominent competitor to Twitch, offers a more flexible terms-of-service policy and an impressive 95/5 sub split in favor of creators.

Rain’s interest in Kick as a potential buyer predates his conflicts with FaZe Clan. He sees a partnership with Kick as an opportunity to align values and combat corporate influence. While discussions continue, the esports and entertainment community eagerly awaits developments that could reshape the landscape of FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan’s Future with Kick: An Exciting Alliance

FaZe Rain’s endorsement and desire for a Kick acquisition have opened up new possibilities for FaZe Clan. Here’s a closer look at the potential impact of this collaboration:

1. Shared Values: Challenging Corporate Influence

FaZe Clan and Kick share a mission of challenging big corporations and providing creators with opportunities and independence. Joining forces could amplify this shared vision, creating a powerful alliance against corporate dominance.

2. Expanded Creative Freedom: Lenient Terms of Service

Kick’s more lenient terms of service allow a wider range of content to be streamed, granting creators greater creative freedom. If FaZe Clan becomes part of Kick, its members could explore innovative content without unnecessary restrictions.

3. Favorable Creator Compensation: A 95/5 Sub Split

Kick’s favorable creator compensation model, with a generous 95/5 sub split, would greatly benefit FaZe Clan members. This arrangement would incentivize content creation, allowing talented individuals to thrive financially and deliver exceptional entertainment to their fan base.

4. Collaborative Growth Opportunities: Network Expansion

Joining forces with Kick would provide FaZe Clan with access to an extensive network and potential growth opportunities. Kick’s established presence in the streaming industry could lead to partnerships, sponsorships, and events that enhance FaZe Clan’s reach and influence. This expanded network would attract new talent, diversifying the organization’s creative offerings.


The possibility of a Kick acquisition represents an exciting new chapter for FaZe Clan. As discussions and negotiations unfold, the esports and entertainment community eagerly awaits further updates. The potential partnership between FaZe Clan and Kick could redefine the industry, paving the way for a bold and prosperous future filled with groundbreaking content and unprecedented opportunities.

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