What is TikTok’s ‘strawberry girl’ makeup? New Trend on Summer


TikTok has set the stage for its latest makeup sensation – the ‘strawberry girl’ trend. This trend, characterized by its sun-kissed allure, has garnered attention from celebrities like Hailey Bieber, who elegantly showcases her radiant reds.

Summer on TikTok has been ablaze with captivating trends, and the ‘strawberry girl’ makeup trend is no exception. Among the array of popular trends like the ‘European’ or ‘tomato girl’ summer looks, the ‘strawberry girl’ trend has emerged as a standout favorite.

Embracing Red Elegance

Drawing parallels with the ‘tomato girl summer’ trend, the ‘strawberry girl’ makeup trend revolves around harmoniously blending charming red eyeliners, lipsticks, blushes, and highlighters. Both trends share a common affinity for the color red, contributing to their visual appeal.

Setting this trend ablaze, renowned model and beauty maven Hailey Bieber played a pivotal role in popularizing the ‘strawberry girl’ makeup trend. This trend’s popularity surged after Bieber, on August 5, revealed her own makeup routine to her TikTok audience.

Crafting the ‘Strawberry’ Look


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

Bieber’s approach to achieving the ‘strawberry’ effect involved a series of strategic steps. Beginning with a dewy facial foundation, she introduced a lotion-like substance known as “glazing milk.” The journey continued with eyebrow grooming and skillful application of red and pink shades, accompanied by a touch of quality bronzer.

The defining essence of the ‘strawberry girl’ makeup trend lies in the artful incorporation of an assortment of red and pink hues. This might entail applying a pink highlighter above the cheekbones, adorning the face with a deep pink blush, or embellishing the lips with a classic red lipstick. Bieber, in a generous reveal, disclosed her use of cream blushes on her lips to achieve the authentic ‘strawberry’ allure.

Setting New Trends

The ‘strawberry girl’ trend’s impact transcends Bieber’s initial spark. The trend has prompted countless influencers to join the movement, adding their unique variations to the viral makeup routine. Some enthusiasts have gone a step further by coordinating their attire with ‘strawberry’ shades, giving rise to a playful and stylish summer aesthetic.

Excitement is brewing among those who have witnessed Bieber’s ‘strawberry girl’ makeup trend. The buzz centers around the imminent release of Bieber’s upcoming makeup line, featuring the very cream colors that inspired her tutorial video. This eagerly awaited collection promises to capture the essence of the ‘strawberry’ aesthetic.

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With TikTokers far and wide embracing the ‘strawberry girl’ makeup trend, this captivating summer phenomenon shows no signs of waning. By skillfully incorporating an array of red and pink shades, this trend epitomizes a season of vibrant elegance and alluring charm.

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