TikToker Accuses Kick of Stealing His Videos for Promotion

Popular TikToker VVeoko has come forward with allegations that Kick, a live streaming platform, has “stolen” his videos to promote their own platform. The incident has raised concerns about Kick’s practices and their treatment of content creators. This article delves into the details of VVeoko’s claims and explores the growing criticism directed towards the budding platform.

TikToker Claims Kick “Stole” His Videos

Source: Dexerto

VVeoko took to Twitter on May 26 to express his frustration, accusing Kick of using his content without seeking his permission or giving him due credit. He stated, “Wild that Kick would steal my video and re-upload it without contacting me a single time, especially using it to run ads and promote their site completely without my permission.”

Accompanying the tweet were screenshots showcasing VVeoko’s video, which had been uploaded to the Kick: Live Streaming TikTok account. The unauthorized use of his content left VVeoko feeling disappointed, as he had considered using Kick as his primary live streaming platform.

In a subsequent interview with Dexerto, VVeoko shed light on his initial inclination towards Kick as a potential streaming platform. He revealed that the better revenue split offered by Kick had caught his attention, as it could potentially allow him to earn more money as a creator in an industry that often struggles with generating revenue.

However, VVeoko expressed his disappointment when Kick never approached him for any promotional collaboration or compensated him for featuring his content on their platform. 

He stated, “They never paid me a dime for any promotion on their platform and never contacted me about working together to promote anything.” This experience shattered his belief in the platform and left him feeling used for their own gain.

Kick’s Response 

As of now, neither Kick nor TrainwrecksTV, who played a pivotal role in launching the platform, have addressed the allegations made by VVeoko. The lack of response from the platform has raised concerns among the creator community, further amplifying the backlash.

VVeoko’s case is not an isolated incident, as other creators have also voiced their dissatisfaction with Kick in recent times. In a separate instance, an OnlyFans model accused a Kick staff member of “targeting egirls” on the platform, adding to the growing criticism surrounding the budding live streaming platform.


The allegations made by VVeoko against Kick for using his videos without permission have highlighted the need for ethical practices within the live streaming industry. The incident not only raises questions about Kick’s treatment of content creators but also shines a light on the challenges faced by creators in monetizing their content.