Twitch New Monetized Streamer Agreement: What Does it Mean?


Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, has recently introduced a new Monetized Streamer Agreement that streamers need to be aware of.

This agreement brings forth significant changes in how streamers can earn revenue from their channels and outlines important payment terms.

The Maintenance Fee: A Closer Look

In the new Monetized Streamer Agreement, section 4.1, Twitch can take some money from a streamer’s earnings. This helps Twitch cover the costs of managing inactive accounts and keeps things fair for everyone.

The amount taken is determined by two things: how much the streamer earned from their Twitch Channel and a fixed fee of $25. But the streamer only has to pay the lower amount of the two.

So, if they earned less than $25, they’ll have to pay all of their earnings. But if they earned more than $25, Twitch will only take $25 from their earnings.

Does Twitch Charge Streamers $25 When Leaving Affiliate Programs?


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One question that arises among streamers is whether Twitch will charge a $25 fee when they decide to leave the Affiliate Program. It’s important to clarify this aspect to dispel any confusion.

Under the Monetized Streamer Agreement, the $25 maintenance fee is not directly linked to leaving the Affiliate Program.

The fee applies to streamers whose Twitch Channels have been inactive for at least 12 consecutive months and who have not earned the minimum Payment Threshold during that period.

If a streamer actively participates in the Affiliate Program and meets the Payment Threshold, there won’t be a $25 fee upon leaving the program.

However, it’s crucial to remain aware of the program’s terms and conditions to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any potential misunderstandings.

Though, with all that explanation, we still don’t know what “Inactive for 12 consecutive months” exactly means.

Does it include when you leave the Twitch Affiliate Program and start streaming on another platform? Or is it simply just a literal “when you stop streaming for 12 months?”

Let’s wait for a bit so that Twitch can provide a proper explanation regarding this issue.


In conclusion, Twitch’s new Monetized Streamer Agreement introduces important changes for streamers regarding revenue earning and payment terms. The inclusion of a maintenance fee, calculated based on earnings and a fixed amount of $25, aims to cover administrative costs associated with inactive accounts.

As the Monetized Streamer Agreement continues to shape the streaming landscape on Twitch, it is crucial for streamers to stay informed about the latest updates and guidelines to navigate their streaming journey successfully.

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