Twitch Permanently Banned Sliker After Scam Controversy

Popular streamer Sliker faces a permanent ban from Twitch after a scandalous scam incident. Let’s explore the details and aftermath of this shocking event.

The Scam Allegations

In September 2022, Sliker became embroiled in a controversy. Accusations emerged that he had deceived creators and fans, resulting in significant financial losses. Sliker’s approach involved seeking financial assistance by sharing stories of personal hardship, promising to repay his supporters.

Multiple creators voiced their grievances, claiming they had been waiting for repayment for years. During an emotional livestream, Sliker confessed that the funds were used to fuel his gambling addiction. He expressed remorse and pledged to make amends.

Twitch Intervention

Outraged creators demanded Twitch to take action against Sliker for his misconduct. They also called for stricter regulations on gambling streams, prompting Twitch to block certain websites. The question remained: would Twitch act against Sliker?

Sliker’s Banishment

Twitch ultimately banned Sliker permanently, following the removal of his partnership status and subscriber button. The ban marked the end of Sliker’s streaming career on Twitch. In a sincere tweet, he expressed gratitude for a second chance in life and hinted at the challenges ahead.

Unraveling the Ban

The exact reasons for Sliker’s ban remain undisclosed. In January 2023, Sliker attempted a comeback on Twitch but claimed his channel had been hacked, disassociating himself from the activity. He alleged that his alternate Twitch account was also banned due to false reports.

The Return to Streaming?

Speculations arose regarding the ban’s connection to the alleged channel hack. Sliker expressed intentions of returning to streaming, but with his Twitch account revoked, his plans remain uncertain.

Amidst the controversy, streamers Ludwig and xQc pledged to reimburse victims, offering hope amidst the chaos.

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Sliker’s Twitch ban sent shockwaves through the livestreaming community, emphasizing the importance of integrity and trust. Twitch’s actions serve as a reminder that unethical behavior will not be tolerated. As Sliker faces the consequences, the streaming landscape awaits his next move.

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