What is TikTok Apple Juice Challenge Trend?


The ‘apple juice’ challenge has resurfaced on TikTok, captivating users and spreading like wildfire. This intriguing trend has gained widespread attention and participation, making it a sensation on the platform. Let’s dive into the details of this viral challenge.

TikTok, known for its captivating trends that encourage massive participation, spans various categories like music, dance, comedy, and quirky challenges. Memorable past trends include the ‘Good Knees’ dance challenge, the ‘one thing about me’ trend, and the peculiar ‘banana and Sprite’ challenge.

What is TikTok Apple Juice Challenge?


Why does it sound like she’s eating an apple? @charlidamelio

♬ original sound – Marc D’Amelio

The ‘apple juice challenge’ is the latest sensation to sweep through TikTok. While it originally appeared in 2020, it has made a triumphant return in 2023, captivating millions of users worldwide. For those not yet familiar, here’s a comprehensive overview.

This challenge revolves around TikTok users biting into a Martinelli’s plastic bottle shaped like an apple. The surprising revelation is that the bite produces a remarkably authentic sound akin to biting into a real apple. The core task is to film yourself taking a bite from the apple juice bottle, capturing the unexpected crunching sound, and then sharing your reaction on the app.

Behind the Scenes: Is it Real or an Illusion?

At first glance, some clips may appear to employ a sound effect mimicking the crunch of an apple, creating the illusion that the bottle is the source. However, those participating in the trend insist that the sound is, indeed, genuine.

A TikToker named iconiccoinkk cracked the code behind the mystery. By dissecting a Martinelli’s juice bottle, she revealed a fascinating secret. The hard plastic bottle comprises three layers, which collectively contribute to the distinct crunching noise.

The Sonic Aesthetics and Viral Momentum

The allure of the challenge lies in the unique acoustic properties of the plastic bottle, which unexpectedly mirrors the sound of biting into an apple. This auditory illusion has propelled the challenge to viral status. As of now, the challenge’s hashtag has garnered a staggering 260 million views, featuring an array of reactions from astonishment and delight to sheer confusion.

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In conclusion, the ‘apple juice’ challenge has surged back into TikTok’s spotlight, captivating users worldwide with its astonishing auditory illusion. As participants continue to share their surprising experiences, this trend shows no signs of slowing down, continuing to spark excitement and engagement across the platform.