Benji Krol Profile: Age, Net Worth, Relationship, and More

Benji Krol, originally from Brazil but currently based in Madrid, Spain, is a well-known TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube personality. He gained fame through his vibrant makeup tutorials, engaging vlogs, and humorous videos shared on various social media platforms. To learn more about Benji, check out our article below!

Who is Benji Krol?

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Benji Aleksander Krol, known by his stage name Benji Krol, was born on December 14, 2000, in Brazil. He’s a Brazilian TikTok and YouTube sensation who goes by the nickname Benji. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he practices Christianity. Benji’s primary profession revolves around creating content on TikTok and YouTube.

While there’s no specific information available about his educational background, one of his notable hobbies is traveling. You can find him on social media platforms like Facebook as Benji Krol Official, Twitter with the handle @BenjiKrol, Instagram as @benjikrol, TikTok under the username @benjikrol, and YouTube as Benji Krol Official.

Regarding his family, Benji is the son of Andre Krol and Alejandra Krol. He also has two brothers named Thomas Krol and Rowy Krol.

Career and Net Worth

Benji Krol began his journey as a TikTok star by sharing fun and exciting videos. He used his personal account to create short videos where he lip-synced to songs and entertained his audience.

His popularity skyrocketed thanks to viral videos featuring face paint and humorous content. This led to a huge following on his social media accounts worldwide. Benji is also active on Instagram, where he regularly shares photos and amazing videos with his followers.

He started his YouTube channel back in 2014 but only posted his first video in March 2018, titled “What’s on my phone?” Afterward, he began uploading various types of content, including dance videos, vlogs, mukbangs (eating shows), and cooking videos. His fan base grew rapidly, and he became a rising social media influencer.

Benji’s estimated net worth ranges from $500,000 to $2 million. He earns this income from various sources, including being an Instagram star, TikTok sensation, and YouTube personality.

Who is Benji Krol Boyfriend?

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Benji Krol’s love life has made headlines, especially his relationship with Jadyn Cotheren. People started talking about them when they appeared together in several photos on Jadyn’s personal Instagram account. However, neither of them has officially confirmed their romantic status.

There’s also news about Benji dating Jorge Garay, a fellow TikTok star. Benji openly stated that he’s bisexual and began a romantic relationship with Jorge in 2020. Unfortunately, their relationship hit a rough patch, and Jorge stopped communicating with Benji after they broke up.

It’s been reported that before their breakup, Jorge left Benji in the hospital, and the exact reason for this remains unknown.


  • Benji was born in Brazil but grew up in Madrid, Spain.
  • He identifies as bisexual and is in a relationship with a fellow TikTok star.
  • We don’t have information about his education or the school he attended.
  • Benji is known for being intelligent and talented.
  • He has a mixed ethnicity, with Argentinian, Polish, and English roots.
  • His hobbies include traveling with friends and his boyfriend.
  • He celebrates Halloween with his family every year.
  • He stays fit by regularly going to the gym.
  • Benji is fond of taking mirror selfies, especially at home.
  • Unusually, he enjoys cooking and learns from his mom.
  • He’s an animal lover and has an adorable dog.
  • Alongside exercise, he maintains a healthy diet to keep his body in shape.


In summary, we can learn some important things from Benji Krol to become a successful content creator. He became famous by being himself, sharing what he loves, and staying consistent. Benji’s ability to adapt his content while still being true to who he is kept his followers interested. This shows that to do well online, you need to work hard, be original, and connect with your audience genuinely. These are important qualities for success in the world of creating content online.

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