7 Best Video Podcasts to Watch in 2023


Are you looking for engaging and informative video podcasts to watch? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the 7 best video podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, from music and culture to comedy and food reviews.

Each podcast offers unique content and features that are sure to keep you entertained. So grab your favorite snack, sit back, and get ready to dive into the world of video podcasts!

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1. Zane Lowe Interviews

If you enjoy music and culture podcasts, Zane Lowe Interviews is a must-watch. Hosted by Zane Lowe, this podcast features in-depth interviews with popular artists from various genres. From musicians to producers, Zane Lowe delves into their creative process, personal stories, and insights into the music industry.

Key Features:

– Host: Zane Lowe
– Genre: Music/Culture
– In-depth interviews with popular artists
– Insights into the music industry

2. Smartless

Smartless is a fun and friendly video podcast where three comedians — Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett — interview other actors.

This podcast is filled with interesting stories about their work projects and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. If you’re looking for a lighthearted podcast that will make you laugh while keeping you engaged, Smartless is the perfect choice.

Key Features:

– Hosts: Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett
– Genre: Comedy/Entertainment
– Interviews with actors
– Lighthearted and fun-filled conversations

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3. Office Hours Live with Tim Heidecker

For fans of Tim Heidecker’s unique brand of humor, Office Hours Live is a must-watch video podcast. Tim Heidecker engages in hilarious conversations with guests from various fields while also taking live calls from viewers. This podcast guarantees laughter and entertainment from start to finish.

Key Features:

– Host: Tim Heidecker
– Genre: Comedy/Entertainment
– Hilarious conversations with guests
– Live calls from viewers

4. Brain Leak

Brain Leak is a video podcast that combines visual gags with thought-provoking discussions. This podcast is perfect for those who prefer watching podcasts over just listening, as it makes use of visual elements to enhance the comedic experience. Join the hosts as they explore various topics and engage in witty banter.

Key Features:

– Hosts: Jacksepticeye (Seán McLoughlin) and Ethan Nestor
– Genre: Comedy/Entertainment
– Visual gags and witty banter
– Thought-provoking discussions

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5. Doughboys

If you’re a foodie looking for a unique podcast experience, Doughboys is the perfect choice. This video podcast combines food reviews with comedy, making it an entertaining watch for anyone interested in culinary adventures. Join the hosts as they review different restaurants and share their hilarious experiences.

Key Features:

– Hosts: Mitchell and Nick Wiger
– Genre: Food/Comedy
– Restaurant reviews with a comedic twist
– Entertaining culinary adventures

6. Diary of a CEO

Diary of a CEO is a video podcast hosted by Steven Bartlett, where successful CEOs share their insights, struggles, and tips for achieving success in today’s business world. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship or simply looking for inspiration, this podcast offers valuable lessons from industry leaders.

Key Features:

– Host: Steven Bartlett
– Genre: Business/Entrepreneurship
– Insights from successful CEOs
– Tips for achieving success

7. 2 Cents gets Distracted

2 Cents Gets Distracted is a video podcast based in New Zealand that combines rugby discussions with random tangents and off-topic conversations.

The hosts, who are YouTubers known as 2 Cents Rugby and Distracted Sports, provide a unique and fun perspective on the world of rugby. If you’re a sports fan or simply enjoy engaging conversations, this podcast is worth checking out.

Key Features:

– Hosts: 2 Cents Rugby and Distracted Sports
– Genre: Sports/Entertainment
– Rugby discussions with random tangents
– Engaging and entertaining conversations

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These are just a few of the best video podcasts to watch in 2023. Each podcast offers its own unique content and style, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in music, comedy, food reviews, or business insights, these podcasts will keep you entertained and informed. So grab your headphones and start exploring the world of video podcasts today!

Remember to always support the creators by subscribing to their channels or following their social media accounts to stay updated with their latest episodes. Happy watching!

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