How to Create Ad on Facebook in 12 Steps (2024)

How to create ad on Facebook that gain the best results? You’re lucky because we have the complete answer right here!

In today’s digital age, running Facebook ads is a powerful way to impact the reach of your content and connect with potential customers. With over 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform for running ads. Whether you’re a small business owner, a creator, or a social media manager, learning how to create effective Facebook ads is essential for reaching your target audience.

Before You Dive into Facebook Ads

Before you start creating ads on Facebook it’s essential to think about why you’re advertising and what you aim to achieve. By determining your measure of success ahead of going live with ads, you’ll be able to decide which ad objective is best for your needs.

How to Create Ad on Facebook

All of Facebook’s ad campaigns run through the Facebook Ads Manager tool so mastering this tool is crucial for creating successful ad campaigns.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads Manager

When signing up for a personal ad account ID by default will be given. To use the Ads Manager tool verified payment method and either a business page or being an admin/editor/advertiser on someone else’s page are required. If there isn’t an existing business Page create one as it will automatically be given an ad account.

To navigate to Ads Manager right from your business Page head to the left sidebar then click on the Ad Center drop-down arrow followed by clicking on “Ads Manager.”

Creating a New Ad Campaign

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create Ad: Click the green Create Ad button.
  2. Choose Your Buying Type: Two different buying types include Auction (offers choice efficiency flexibility but less predictable results) or Reservation (lets you plan buy campaigns in advance with predictable performance goals).
  3. Choose Your Campaign Objective: Select from various objectives including awareness traffic engagement leads app promotion or sales.
  4. Pick a Name for Your Ad Campaign: Make sure it’s recognizable.
  5. Declare Your Ad Category: Different regions have different advertising rules particularly when it comes to categories like credit employment housing social issues elections or politics.
  6. Choose Whether You Want “A/B Testing On”: Try out different images text audiences or placements.
  7. Choose Whether You Want To Turn On “Advantage+ Campaign Budget”: Only available if choosing the Auction buying option this feature lets Meta automatically find the best opportunities for results across ad sets.
  8. Narrow Down Your Performance Goal: Get super specific about your goals whether it’s maximizing reach maximize two-second continuous video views etc.
  9. Define Your Ad Spend and Schedule: Set an ad budget deciding between daily or lifetime budgets.
  10. Customize Your Target Audience: Recent changes made by Meta allow specifying only location age language – other details are handled by Meta AI providing flexibility within broadest possible audience choices requiring no additional information about audiences specifically needed.
  11. Choose Your Ad Placements: Define where your ads appear for target audience whether across all platforms offered by Meta including Instagram Messenger Audience Network etc., depending upon which locations suit best tap into them all or select only specific ones like Instagram feed stories etc., based upon customer behavior analysis.
  12. Choose Your Media And Write Your Text: Add creative assets – carousel ads video ads collection with music options available along with adding ad copy text options call-to-actions ensuring scroll-stopping creatives tailored as per each platform within individual sections provided in meta apps while uploading photos clips music selecting destinations etc.
  13. Publish Your Ad and done!

The Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

  • Accurately Target Customers: Facebook provides marketers with extensive user data that can be used to target specific demographics such as gender, location, age, interests, behaviors, education and job history, income levels, political affiliations, major life events, and spoken languages.
  • Get Powerful Results: A recent survey showed that 41% of US retailers see the greatest return on advertising spend (ROAS) from Facebook Ads. This platform offers quick and impactful results compared to other advertising methods.
  • Reach Billions on Facebook and Instagram: With Meta owning both Facebook and Instagram, their platforms are easily integrated. This means that ads can be run simultaneously on both platforms. The reach potential of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is unmatched.
  • Track Ad Performance in Real-Time: Despite discontinuing its full Facebook Analytics platform in 2021, Meta still offers excellent resources for understanding ad performance including reach, engagement rates, conversions, and more metrics. This data is updated in real-time so you can adjust your campaigns based on performance.


Learning how to create impactful advertisements using Meta’s tools can significantly boost brand exposure revenue generation while tracking real-time performance enabling informed decisions driving success forward. By following these steps, you can effectively run successful campaigns and achieving desired outcomes effectively.

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