Top TikTok Slang Words and Phrases in 2024 You Should Know to Go Viral!

Are you curious about the secret language of Gen Z on TikTok? Let’s dive into the vibrant world of TikTok slang, where every scroll unveils a new term waiting to be decoded. From “FYP” to “CEO,” we’ve compiled the most popular TikTok slang word and phrases you need to know.

TikTok, the dynamic social media platform, has its own lexicon—a secret language that Gen Z users wield with finesse. Whether you’re a seasoned TikToker or a curious newcomer, understanding these trendy slang terms is essential.

Curious to learn more? Check out our full breakdown of TikTok slang terms and meanings to stay in the loop!

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1. FYP (For You Page)

The FYP is your personalized TikTok feed. It showcases popular, viral, and random videos based on your interests.

You’ve likely also noticed the hashtag #FYP all over TikTok. Essentially, content creators employ the hashtags #fyp or #foryoupage to have their videos appear on your homepage, tailored by your personal algorithm, to gain a higher number of views.

2. CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

This TikTok slang words 2024 refers to someone who excels at something on TikTok. For example, if someone is exceptionally talented at dancing, you might say, ‘She’s the CEO of dance challenges!

3. PFP (Profile Picture)

PFP is your display picture on TikTok. This is one of most used gen z TikTok slang 2024.

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4. POV (Point of View)

Another popular TikTok phrases is POV. It is used in captions to indicate the viewer’s perspective in a story telling. A “Point Of View” video also shows a situation as if you’re seeing it through your own eyes.

For example: “POV: You’re a detective solving a mystery.”

5. OOMF (One Of My Followers)

The TikTok slang funny OOMF stands for “One of my friends” or “One of my followers.” Urban Dictionary explains that OOMF is often used negatively to discuss people without directly naming them. For instance, someone might say, “OOMF liked my latest video!”

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6. Heather

Have you ever heard about Heather on TikTok? TikTok users have contributed numerous new terms to the Urban Dictionary. One such term that has gained popularity in the past year is “Heather.” As of 2021, there are over 2.2 billion views associated with this hashtag (#Heather)

“Heather” originated from a song by Conan Gray, a popular TikTok artist. The song describes the common situation where the person you have a crush on is interested in someone else.

Urban Dictionary defines “Heather” as “When someone says that you are Heather, they mean that everyone can’t help but like you.”

7. IB (Inspired By)

Use the slang ‘IB’ (inspired by) to indicate that a video is inspired by another viral or notable TikTok video. For example, ‘This dance is IB @DanceQueen123!

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8. DC (Dance Credits)

Besides ‘IB’, you can also use the TikTok slang ‘DC’ (Dance Credit) in 2024 to acknowledge the originator of a viral dance or challenge. Example: ‘Giving DC to @FunkyMoves for this awesome routine!

9. Alt TikTok (Alternative TikTok)

Alt TikTok means a quirky side of TikTok with unique humor and memes. For example, “I’m all about Alt TikTok—Frog TikTok is my jam!”

10. Simp

Another popular TikTok slang 2024 is Simp. Simp means someone who excessively admires or does anything for their crush. For example, “He’s such a simp for that TikTok star.”

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11. No cap

No cap is used to express honesty or truthfulness. It means “no exaggeration” or “no lie”. It is often used to emphasize a point, compliment someone, or show confidence.

12. Cheugy

This word is used to describe something or someone that is outdated, uncool, or cringey. It is often used as a form of self-deprecation or mockery, especially among Gen Z users.

13. Vibe Check

This funny Tiktok slang word is used to check in with someone and see how they are feeling or doing. It can also mean to give someone positive or negative feedback based on their mood, appearance, or performance.

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Now armed with these essential TikTok slang terms, you’re ready to navigate TikTok like a pro. Whether you’re vibing on the FYP or decoding IB videos, remember: TikTok is all about creativity, fun, and staying in the loop. Happy TikTok-ing!