Why Did TikTok Delete My Drafts?

TikTok drafts simplify the process of editing later, although there are instances when they might disappear. So, it’s very normal if you wonder “Why did TikTok delete my drafts?” Well, here’s everything you need to know regarding this issue.

TikTok is a popular social media app that allows users to create and share short-form videos. The platform provides a feature that allows users to save their video drafts for later editing and posting. However, there are instances where users may find that their drafts have disappeared from the app.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind the disappearance of TikTok drafts and provide insights into how users can prevent such occurrences.

Understanding TikTok Drafts

When creating a video on TikTok, users have the option to save it as a draft instead of posting it immediately. This feature comes in handy when a user wants to work on the video further or wait for an opportune time to post it. Once saved, the draft is stored locally within the user’s profile.

How to Save TikTok Drafts

Saving a draft on TikTok is a simple process. After recording and editing a video, users can tap on the “Drafts” button located at the bottom left corner of the Post page. This action will save the video as a draft for future access and editing.

Finding and Deleting Drafts

To locate saved drafts on TikTok, users can navigate to their profile page and look for the “Drafts” section. Here, they will find all their saved draft videos. Additionally, users also have the option to delete specific drafts if they no longer require them.

Why Did TikTok Delete My Drafts?

One common reason why TikTok drafts may disappear is when the app has been uninstalled and reinstalled on a device. Since drafts are stored locally, uninstalling the app removes all saved drafts as well. Additionally, switching accounts or devices can also result in the loss of saved drafts.

Preventing Draft Loss

To prevent losing valuable drafts on TikTok, users should ensure that they do not uninstall and reinstall the app frequently. It’s also important to complete any necessary edits and post videos using the same device where they were originally created.


In conclusion, while saving video drafts on TikTok offers convenience and flexibility, it’s essential for users to be aware of factors that could lead to their disappearance. By understanding these reasons and taking preventive measures, TikTok users can ensure that their valuable video content remains safe and accessible until they are ready to post it.

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