8 Ways to Get YouTube Subscribers Using its Features

YouTube keeps improving its features to make the platform better for users.

You can build a successful YouTube channel without millions of subscribers like the top creators.

By using YouTube’s features smartly and trying different techniques, you can grow your subscriber base and become a successful influencer on the platform.

Here are 8 effective strategies to help you achieve that:

1. Create a Playlist

Playlists are a great way to organize your content and guide viewers through your videos.

Group your videos around specific topics or themes to help viewers find what they’re looking for easily.

When one video ends, YouTube automatically plays the next one in the playlist, which keeps viewers engaged.

Consider making “Power Playlists” based on desired outcomes rather than just topics. This way, viewers get a seamless learning experience through step-by-step videos.

2. Optimize Your End Screen

The end screen is valuable space to promote more of your content and encourage subscriptions.

Use it wisely by directing viewers to related videos and encouraging them to explore more. This increases the chances of gaining new subscribers.

In the last ten seconds of your videos, use YouTube’s End Screen editor to add links and calls-to-action to other relevant videos.

3. Utilize a Watermark

A watermark can subtly promote your channel and encourage subscriptions.

Create a watermark that looks like a YouTube Subscribe button so viewers know they can click on it to subscribe.

Remember not to make the watermark too distracting. A transparent background or a design that fits your video content works best.

4. Feature an Impactful Video

Set a feature video to auto-play when people visit your channel. This video should be engaging and appealing to newcomers, so you can get YouTube subscribers.

You can have different feature videos for new viewers and existing subscribers for a more tailored experience.

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5. Make the Most of YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio offers tools to help you create high-quality videos, engage with your audience, and get insights into your performance.

Manage your videos and playlists, analyze channel metrics, and interact with comments from one place.

6. Organize Your Homepage

Customize your channel’s homepage by featuring relevant sections.

Highlight your best content, including playlists, videos, and featured channels, for a well-structured browsing experience.

7. Include Links in Your Video Descriptions

Unlike some other platforms, YouTube allows you to add links in your video descriptions.

Use this feature to direct viewers to your live stream channel, either it on Twitch, Kick, or maybe your YouTube Gaming live stream schedule.

8. Utilize Cards for Subscriptions

Use interactive cards to get YouTube subscribers.

Identify your most popular videos that have brought in the most subscribers and add cards that link to them. Placing cards strategically can entice viewers to click and subscribe.


By using these strategies, you can make the most of YouTube’s features and attract more subscribers. Keep providing valuable content and engage with your audience to build a thriving YouTube community. Happy creating!

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