Do YouTube Shorts Make Money? Yes, Here’s 10 Tricks For It

Are many people curious about how do YouTube Shorts make money without making videos? Is it really possible? The answer is yes, it is absolutely possible. You can earn money as much as you can by using the YouTube Shorts feature. But uniquely, sometimes you don’t need to make the video.

YouTube allows you to create video and monetize it by publishing other’s videos. So you don’t need any extra effort to produce an interesting and creative video to brand your channel and attract viewers.

Curious about how it works? Just take a look at the article below.

Can You Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos?

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If you think that you are not really good at managing a new video, you can use others’ videos to be posted on your channel. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Tap the search button
  • Find the video you desire to repost
  • Go to Filters > Creative Common
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  • Download the footage. To save the YouTube shorts or regular video is easy, but you need an additional application or online services to help you do that.
  • After that, you can head to to create the story ad
  • Click Create Design and choose Story ad
  • Then, drag the downloaded video to the worksheet on Canva
  • Now is time to edit the video. You can trim, cut, or add some effects as you wish
  • Next, render and save the video

Creative common on YouTube is a feature that will grant you the right to reuse and edit a video on YouTube. So, don’t worry if you have activated this feature, you’ll not get banned for a copyright issue.

If you have been granted the license, you can also get the right to monetize the video royalty-free and use the video for commercial purposes.

Tips To Make Money With Short Videos

After you finished preparing the video, now you can upload it to your YouTube account. Though the video is not originally made by you but doesn’t mean you have to upload it plainly.

Try to make a catchy title, description, or even thumbnail to attract audiences. Make it as appealing as possible. Other than that, don’t forget to add some hashtags related to YouTube shorts, and write the original source of the video in the description box.

The thing that is important too to be included in your video post is doing affiliate marketing by attaching some merchandise links from any products in the description box. You can do it once you hit 2000 likes. This is necessary to monetize your video. Remember to write the call to action to make it more attractive.

How do YouTube Shorts make money without making videos
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If you’re going to sell your merchandise, you can manage it through Once you’re done, just click publish your listing and copy the link to be added to the description
box. This is how to make money on YouTube Shorts without Making Videos 2022. Simple yet tricky, right?

But apart from that, if you wish to monetize the video more properly, you can just follow the YouTube Shorts monetization rules 2022. Fulfil the requirements, and make sure they accept them.


From now on, you have to know how do YouTube Shorts make money without making videos. It’s quite easy to do as long as you have fulfilled the requirements from YouTube. Making money never feels this easy, right?

However, we suggest you to do your best in your YouTube channel to expand your revenue stream. Grow your own money tree and earn fast using the methods we suggest here: How to Get Monetized on YouTube Fast & Easy.

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