How to Contact TikTok About Banned Account

Got your TikTok account banned? Don’t worry, here’s how to contact TikTok about banned account that can get your account back.

TikTok is one of the most popular apps continues to grow and become popular makes many functions, for example for promotion and it can also be for personal branding as well as selling online. It could also be used as an entertainment.

Well, to gain popularity on TikTok, of course, requires effort that is not easy.

When you already have a lot of followers, you might not realize that you made a mistake in the community guidelines that could be punished.

You could get warning and the most worst thing is permanently banned. Well, this is where we sometimes do not realize. We feel like we didn’t do anything wrong but suddenly the TikTok account can’t be opened, aka it has been permanently banned

In the case of a permanently banned TikTok account, can it still be reopened? Can it still be saved?

Hockey guys, sometimes you can, sometimes you don’t, if the offense you have committed is already serious

But, to try to overcome the permanently banned TikTok account, you can do the following. There’s no harm in you trying who knows you can still come back,

Here are the steps.

How to Contact TikTok About Banned Account

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Keep in mind before repairing a blocked TikTok account. You must still know the details of your account. 

Starting from the username, linked account such as email/phone number for registration. And of course the password.

If so, you can make a complaint to TikTok via email or you can use email where you can fill in the complaint about this blocked account.

Ask tiktok to double-check and make sure you haven’t committed a serious violation. And asked to be reactivated. Can use good Indonesian or English.

You can also fill in the latest chronology of why it got blocked, and if there is suspicious activity you can report it too. For example, being hacked by someone else or the like.

Wait until the tiktok team checks and if the account has been restored you can login again using the previous user and password as usual.

Additional information

To avoid the occurrence of a blocked tiktok account like this. You should be more careful to follow the community guidelines according to the policy.

For example, creating content that doesn’t violate TikTok’s policies.

Do not spam, both content and comments, hold excessive giveaways, and so on.

And hopefully by restoring the permanently or temporarily blocked TikTok account above, your blocked TikTok account can return to normal and return to the way it was before.

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