How to Grow on Facebook Gaming Easily

Hello Creator, how is your live streaming progress? Did you manage to get a lot of viewers? If you are still struggling, don’t worry, we have prepared this how to grow on Facebook Gaming guide to help you out!

If not, it means that there are some things that you are still missing. Either your strategy is not suitable or your way of live streaming is not right. To become a Creator that is liked by viewers, you must be diligent in streaming and interacting with viewers.

However, there are still many other tips and tricks that you should know to be successful as a Creator on Facebook Gaming. Let’s see the full tips below!

How to Grow on Facebook Gaming

Before we get into the tips and tricks for success, have you seen the streaming conditions on Facebook Gaming? If not, you can see the full terms and conditions in this Facebook Gaming guide.

If everything has been met, you are ready to start growing your gaming channel on Facebook. Make sure you follow these tips below!

1. Have Your Own Characteristics

Every professional Creator must have a characteristic that makes it different from other Creators, whether it’s from the way you play or the way you comment on the game.

Creators that are liked by viewers must be interesting and keep people curious to watch you. Let’s take the example of the official Facebook Gaming Creators like Arkaw who is cool and Captain Liong who is good at playing.

2. How to Grow on Facebook Gaming by Having A Consistent Streaming Schedule

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Scheduling your streaming time is also important. By scheduling streaming times, it’s easy for viewers who like to watch you to know when you’ll be streaming.

This will also help you get more reach as your viewers or potential viewers could expect to watch your live stream at a certain time. All in all, this gives them the convenience to watch your stream!

3. Use a High Quality Face Cam

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Next is to use a quality Face Cam in order to capture your expression well during streaming. It’s alright to use an entry-level camera, but consider buying a premium one in the long run to improve your live stream quality.

Face Cam is useful so that viewers can get to know the creator through the appearance to how to play. Creators who use Face Cam will be more attractive than those who don’t use it at all.

Through Face Cam you can show your playing style and comment on the game you want to play, this way you will be more interactive with the audience!

4. Invite Viewers to Like and Share Your Stream

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When you live stream on Facebook Gaming, make sure you invite your viewers to like and share . The more likes and shares given by the viewer, the better your live streaming and channel will be.

With likes and shares, you can also become more known by many people. This is important to do as the first step to become famous, guys, so don’t miss it!

5. How to Grow on Facebook Gaming By Promoting Your Page

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In addition to liking and sharing live streaming videos, you also have to promote your fan page, guys. The more followers on your fanpage, the more people will be attracted to you.

Followers who have followed your fan page will also get a notification every time you do a live stream, so they don’t miss any of your videos.

6. Upload Highlights or VOD from Your Stream

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If live streams are enough, then why are streamers required to have VoD? The answer is simple. With VoD, you can attract more viewers!

You want viewers to follow you right away when they open your page for the first time. Out of countless footage or videos, which one should they watch first?

Surely, you want them to click on the most interesting video, right? This is what VoD is for.

A VoD can be a compilation of highlights of your game that you feel is the best. For example, if you play an FPS game, you can display a collection of footage of yourself slaughtering the enemy team.

Thus, viewers will immediately be amazed by your skills and will not hesitate to follow you!


By doing the above, you will become more attractive and competitive with other professional Creators. With a note, you must be consistent to stream and continue to have new innovations that are different from others.

It doesn’t matter if you have only a few views and followers, keep trying and be enthusiastic, sooner or later you will become famous.

With that sad, we hope that this guide is useful for you. Good luck on your streaming journey on Facebook Gaming and stay tuned to Eklipse for more streaming tips and tricks!

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