How To Save a TikTok To Camera Roll For Beginner

How to save a TikTok to camera roll” is one of the most frequently asked questions from TikTok users. It is normally happening because as you’re scrolling down your page, you will find many interesting TikTok videos.

Saving your favorite TikTok trends videos won’t hurt anybody, right? It is only a piece of cake to save and download your favorite TikTok video. No need for additional software, tools, or applications.

TikTok has a feature that allows you to do it. So, without further ado, let’s see how TikTok works on saving the chosen video.

How to Save a TikTok Video To Camera Roll Directly

Most TikTok users use Android or iPhone to access this popular social media. It is because this platform was designed for mobile phone-friendly for the very first time.

You can easily make a video only by clicking the app and just recording. That’s quite simple, as well as saving the video to your camera roll.

There are two kinds of videos you can download to your device. Either you own videos or others’ videos. Both require the same simple method of course. Let’s get to know how you can save your own video to your camera roll

Easy Steps to Save Your TikTok Video

If you love to be in-frame on TikTok and record it, you can not only post it to your TikTok account, but you can also download it to your phone or other devices.

Here’s what you can do to get your video into your phone gallery. Check them out.

  • Open the TikTok app on your device (Table or mobile phone)
  • Log in with your active account
  • Go to your profile page, and play the video that you want to save
  • After that, find the Share icon on the bottom-right corner of your page
  • Then, click Save Video or download button
How To Download TikTok Videos
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  • Wait for a few seconds until the download process was done
  • Finally, you can access your TikTok video through your phone gallery or camera roll

Can You Save Other’s TikTok Video Directly? How Is It?

Absolutely you can. And do not worry, despite other users having restricted all downloads, you can still have it. Here are the steps you can do:

  • Open the TikTok app, and do the same thing as you want to save your video
  • Find your favorite video to download
  • But instead of clicking Save Video, click Share as GIF
  • TikTok will convert the video into GIF, wait a second until it saved to your gallery
  • The TikTok GIF now is ready on your camera roll

For your information, TikTok has a time limit for recording the video. It is only 15 seconds long. So this is still possible to convert it into GIFs.

How To Save a TikTok To Camera Roll on Computer

If you are going to download your favorite video but not directly through your phone, you can use any alternative ways to do that.

Many additional apps will help you to save the video. But if you do not want to make too much effort in installing and operating the app, you can choose one of the websites that provide the tool to get the video into the phone gallery.

We prefer as one of the best TikTok downloaders. You can use this tool on your computer. Let’s just begin with how to operate this.

  • First, find the video you want to save on TikTok, play it, and copy the URL
How To Download TikTok Videos
Source: Online Tech Tips
  • Open any browser on your computer
  • Go to
  • You’ll find a bar to paste the TikTok video URL you want to save
  • Then, just click Download

Voila! You just got the video you desired to save. You can enjoy it offline by now.

What’s more interesting from this tool is not only the feature to download the video, but you can also remove the watermark on the video. TikTok always adds a watermark to the video you want to download for security purposes.


You have got the answer about how to save a TikTok to camera roll by now. There is no need to scroll down online to enjoy the interesting video; you can also watch it offline. Do not worry, you still can keep the good resolution of the video as well.

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