Instagram Reels vs Instagram Video: Which Is Better?

TikTok’s short video influence prompted Instagram to make a feature similar to TikTok known as Instagram Reels. But if you look back, you’ll remember that Instagram already had a video feature called Instagram video. So, which one’s better: Instagram reels vs Instagram video?

This article is not going to compare which one’s better and worse. It’s only about what each feature has to attract the users. As Instagram still keep those precious features, it means that the demand from users about both features is still high.

Without any further ado, let’s just talk about what can Instagram reels and Instagram videos can provide to you.

Comparing Instagram reels vs Instagram video

Knowing the differences between Instagram reels and video is important to decide which one suits your needs on Instagram post stuff. So first we’re gonna discuss Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels And What Makes This So Special

Reels shares many of the same qualities and features as TikTok videos. Instagram is indeed trying to adopt the same concept as they see the tremendous impact on society.

Let’s talk about the length of the video first. Instagram Reels allows you to make a video within 15-60 seconds long. This means this is possible if you want to make a short and long-lasting video for the audience.

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Considering the length of the video you can make, short and entertaining content will be perfect for reels. Typical videos may include a makeup transformation, parody, cover song or dance, or a short informational video.

This duration won’t allow you to make a deep and substantive discussion like podcast, review, or any other content.

Apart from the duration rule and the suitable content, you can put your creativity as much as you can. It is because Instagram reels provide you with many effects, such as reverse, slow motion, or speed-up features.

You can also add music, text, and many stickers to make it more appealing. In addition, there is also a feature that allows you to collaborate with other users instantly like the duet feature. And you can access those features without any additional app.

Instagram also created a special tab for reels. So it will be seen easily by audiences regardless of the following status of the creator.

So as an audience, you can discover and enjoy reels video as many as you want by just scrolling down in the reels tab on Explore part. Meanwhile, the creator can reach their audiences easier.

About Instagram Video: A Comparison To Instagram Reels

We jump to the Instagram video. As you might have noticed, Instagram video has a longer duration to post video. It can record your video within 15 seconds to 60 minutes long. That’s a big difference with reels, right?

Therefore, it is a great place if you want to produce a substantial and deep discussion on your Instagram. You can dive deep into the topic and analyze something until the very root. Or, you can also make a full song cover. That’s fantastic, ain’t it?

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What’s more interesting is that Instagram has enhanced the features for video. It now has the same features as reels. Nevertheless, you can only add default music, a voiceover, and the effects are not as many as you can find on reels.

You can still make a great and attractive video though. But you’ll need an additional video editor to help you out. You can explore anything, and when it’s done, just post it on your Instagram feeds.

If you’re gonna promote a brand, you’ll need this. Because users need a deep and complete review of the brand and stuff before they decide to buy. This is why Instagram video will be more effective and efficient to increase your market.

Instagram ReelsInstagram Video
Duration15 – 60 seconds long15 seconds – 60 minutes long
EffectsVarious music options, stickers, reverse, speed up, slow-motion effects for video, text, voiceoverDefault music, stickers, text, voiceover, trim
Suitable for ContentEntertainment: parody, jokes, makeup transformation, short cover song, danceDeep and substantial content: discussion, podcast, interview, full song cover
DiscoverabilityEasier because it does not depend on the creator’s following statusMore exclusive: Depend on the creator’s following status


There are no best and worst in Instagram reels vs Instagram video. Both have incredible features that you can try. It only depends on what you need. Different features provide you with different outputs. So just pick wisely to make great content for your audience. If you are going to make a simple and chill video, try reels. But if you are going to create a more complete, deep, or serious video, try Instagram video.

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