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TikTok has been one of the fastest growing platform in the world since 2020. For new users, knowing how to edit a draft on TikTok might not be apparent from the start. We’re here to set the record straight!

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Before being able to edit a TikTok draft, you will need to shoot a TikTok first. To do so, launch the app and tap the + button. Once you’re done shooting, save it as a Draft and you’re ready to edit!

Editing a Draft

The first way to edit drafts on TikTok is to do so with your saved drafts.

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Step 1: Locate your Draft on the TikTok app;

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Tap “Me” in the bottom-right corner.
  • Then, tap the “Drafts” button
  • Choose your Draft and tap on it

Step 2: Edit your Draft;

  • Once you’ve selected the Draft you want to edit, you will see the option to Edit the draft.
  • You can then add a description, after which you can click the back arrow to return to the editing screen.
  • You can now add new clips, filters, voice overs and any other edits.
  • Make your final changes to the draft and after that, tap ‘Next’
  • Your final edits can involve setting privacy on the video, hashtags and the cover image for your chosen draft.
  • If you wish to save it as a draft with these new edits, select the ‘Drafts’ button. Otherwise tap the ‘Post’ button to post it to your feed!

Download and edit a Draft

The second way on how to edit a draft on TikTok, is to download the draft itself to your device.

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Follow the steps below;

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Tap “Me” in the bottom-right corner.
  • Then, tap the “Drafts” button
  • Choose your Draft and tap on it
  • Tap the three dots at the bottom-right of a video in order to open options menu.
  • Select the download button at the bottom-left of the pop-up menu, and the video will download to your device.
  • After the video downloads successfully, delete the original draft on TikTok.

Step Two:

  • Tap the ‘+’ button, but tap the Upload button beside the Record Button.
  • Choose the video you just downloaded to your phone. Tap ‘Next’ at the bottom right, and then add a caption, hashtags, etc.
  • Click ‘Next’ and “Post”!


Drafts are a great way to curate your content if you’re unsure of how it’ll turn out. It gives you the option to edit or store your content without having to commit to posting it there and then. You may even have a eureka moment and come back to your draft with much needed edits!

Follow our two simple steps and edit your drafts on TikTok! We have more guides regarding TikTok on Eklipse, such as how to edit Twitch clips for TikTok, or how to post TikTok clips to Instagram!

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