6 Best Video Cropper for Instagram

Are you tired of not being able to correctly resize your videos for Instagram? Instagram prefers videos of a certain size and it’s understandable how videos that don’t fit the criteria don’t come off as aesthetic. Luckily, you don’t have to learn to use Adobe Photoshop to crop your videos for Instagram. In today’s article, we’ll suggest to you the best video cropper for Instagram. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Eklipse

Eklipse is a reliable tool for cropping videos for Instagram. It offers a trim-clip feature that lets you easily adjust the duration of your videos. Additionally, Eklipse allows you to convert Twitch streams into Reels, Shorts, or TikTok videos with just a few clicks.

Eklipse provides various templates, closed-captioning, and copyright-free music options to enhance your videos. It’s ideal for gamers and streamers looking to upgrade their video content. And the best part? All these services are available for free. Try now and get ready to love it by clicking the button below:

Boost Your Streaming Presence in Social Media with AI Highlights

Eklipse help streamer improve their social media presence with AI highlights that clip your Twitch / Kick streams automatically & converts them to TikTok / Reels / Shorts

2. InShot

Source: SoftforPC

When you think of video editing tools for Instagram, InShot always comes to mind. There’s a good reason for this. InShot is one of the best video editing software for android users out there. You get everything you need on Inshot such as transitions, effects, and add music options. You can easily resize your videos using Inshot. InShot is free and is available on android and iOS.

If you want simpler method to resize or convert your Instagram videos into the required format and size, we suggest you to check this article to help you: Video Converter for Instagram and How to Use It.

3. Kapwing

Source: Kapwing

Kapwing is another free option for your Instagram videos. It is a browser-based video editing software. You can upload your videos to Kapwing and start resizing the video. Kapwing also allows you to trim the video, add music, add subtitles, add overlays, and convert your video into GIFs.

4. Clideo

Source: Clideo

Clideo is a great video cropper for Instagram if you’re willing to spend some money. Even though Clideo is not available for free, the premium version has amazing features and an intuitive interface. Clideo is available for $9 per month and allows you to edit and trim unlimited videos.

5. BeeCut

Source: BeeCut

BeeCut is a user-friendly, intuitive, and feature-filled video editing software for use. You can download BeeCut on your desktop. It allows you to explore the app’s features with a paid version. You can add filters, music, overlays, themes, transitions, effects, voiceovers, and much more when working with BeeCut.

BeeCut also has an app that you can download on your Android and iOS.

6. Animaker

Source: Animaker

If you want an app that allows you to crop your clips for Instagram free, Animaker is the right option for you. Animaker is quite easy to use and allows you to crop your Instagram videos quickly and easily. This app also allows you to merge, trim, rotate, mute, and adjust your videos for free.


So these were some of the best options for cropping your clips for Instagram. If you’re looking for more options, Eklipse’s editing features will cover all your needs. It is a great video cropper for Instagram due to its user-friendly interface and feature-rich editing software.

Actually, you can also trim your videos – especially stories on Instagram, directly in the platform. It is easy and fast. Read here to know how to get it done: How to Trim Instagram Story Video: Try These 3 Simple Tips.

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