How to Convert Video to Tiktok: A Quick Guide

TikTok and CapCut are indeed two applications that cannot be separated. This is because many TikTok users prefer the CapCut application to edit their video content by adding songs and certain effects before they finally upload it.
One of the most basic things you should know when editing videos on CapCut is what the actual video format and size is for TikTok.  The type of TikTok video format on CapCut is MP4. On the other hand, TikTok’s most recommended screen size is vertical with an aspect ratio of 6:19.
Therefore, before taking your editing to the next level, it’s a good idea to change the video ratio in CapCut to the TikTok recommended size first. Here’s how to change the video ratio according to the TikTok video size recommendations on CapCut for you to know and practice.

How to Convert Video to Tiktok with CapCut

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You already know that TikTok video size on CapCut is 9:16 or vertical screen. This size is the same as if you record video using your cellphone camera in a standing position or not tilted.

  1. Create a new project inside the CapCut app.
  2. Add the video that you will edit according to the size of the TikTok video.
  3. Open the Format menu.
  4. Select 9:16 video ratio according to TikTok screen size.
  5. Finally, make your video full screen in CapCut by enlarging or zooming the screen.

If the object in your video moves, you can also create a motion track so that the video screen can always follow the movement of the object. 


By following these steps, you can easily adjust your videos to the correct size for TikTok and ensure a seamless upload to the platform. Now you’re ready to showcase your edited videos and engage with the TikTok community!

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