Doing Facebook And Instagram Live Simultaneously

As Facebook owns Instagram, maybe you are imagining that you can do Facebook and Instagram live simultaneously. It is because sometimes if you’re a famous celebrity, you want to attract the audiences as much and as effectively as possible, right?

It is indeed possible to do. But it won’t be as easy as it heard to make it happen actually. Both platforms have their own feature to live stream. You need to fulfill the different requirements on each social media.

It is uncommon though, to go live on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. But that does not mean you can’t do it. This article will give you insights into the live stream at the same time. Let’s just begin.

Can You Do Facebook and Instagram Live Simultaneously?

How to Use Facebook & Instagram Live?
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As mentioned above, definitely you can do this. Technology has been going more advance every time. And as it becomes more advanced, it seems like each technology can do anything that used to be impossible back then.

If you are talking about the super classic solution to go live on two platforms at the same time, using two devices like phones, or PC, will come to your mind, right?

Or for the better choice, you can record a ‘live streaming’ video first then post it either on Facebook or Instagram. In addition, you can literally go live on one platform. But this is not a good idea as one of them loses its real-time engagement.

Today, you can live stream on two platforms simultaneously, using only one device. The combination of OBS Studio and Ciclano Multistreaming online service will be the best helper for you.

How To Do Facebook and Instagram Live Simultaneously

It will take a bit more steps to do this, but it is not that hard. But before we go to the instructions, let’s see what are equipment you need to prepare. You will need:

  • A PC with streaming software installation (OBS Studio is highly preferred)
  • Additional mic or webcam
  • Internet connection to get online service from Ciclano

How To Setup by Mauricio Castro
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If you have had those things, we can go to the first step which is setting up the Ciclano. Here’s how:

  • Open and sign up for your account
  • Click Login and Sign Up
  • Fill with your data
  • After signing up on, connect it to the Facebook profile and Instagram
  • Go to Ciclano main screen > click tab Channel
  • Add Account checkbox on Facebook and Instagram account
Ciclano Multistreaming - Transmita lives em todas redes sociais
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  • Fill the title form in Title and Description Box
  • Hit To Save button
  • Back to the homepage of Ciclano and click the Enable Broadcast button
  • After a few seconds, you’ll find some codes. Copy the codes
  • Now you can show the live stream to your Instagram and Facebook

Note: Do not panic as you see the black screen instead of the video recording. You’ll make it if you have set up the OBS Studio.

Setting Up The OBS Studio Software

How to Use OBS Studio for Professional Video Streaming in 2022 | Dacast
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After you have done with Ciclano, you can start to set up your OBS software. These are the steps:

  • open OBS Studio software
  • To start setting up, find the Sources box on the bottom of the screen, then hit the ‘+’ button
  • Select Video Capture Device > add Webcam > OK 
  • Set HD resolution for better quality
  • Then, go to Settings
Streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube Simultaneously – For Free! – Tim  Ford Photography & Videography
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  • Hit the Stream button
How to Stream Games on Facebook
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  • Click Custom Settings from the menu
  •  Check the box named Use Authentication
  • Paste the copied codes
  • If you are ready to broadcast, just hit the Start Broadcast button
  • Now, you are literally can go live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.


Despite that doing Facebook and Instagram live simultaneously is kind of impossible and hard to do, but here we are. Streaming on two platforms at the same time without any difficulties. But still, you need a third-party tool to help you do this.

One thing is for sure, before you decide to go live, you have to know the best time to post or to live stream on Instagram and Facebook. It is important to optimize your viewers. So, you won’t do something useless and waste time.

By the way, if you want to know how to multistream TikTok and Twitch as well, our article can provide comprehensive guidance for you. Read on here: How to Stream on TikTok and Twitch At The Same Time.

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