How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels: 7 Practical Tips

Are you eager to discover the secrets of getting more views on Instagram reels?

Instagram, being one of the most downloaded apps globally, presents a tremendous opportunity for brands to captivate their audience through engaging content.

In this article, we will reveal proven tips to skyrocket your Instagram reels’ viewership.

Top Tips to Increase Views on Instagram Reels

Having understood the potential of Instagram reels for your brand, it’s time to create trending and captivating content that resonates with your audience.

1. Create Valuable and Entertaining Content

Your Instagram business profile should focus on content that provides value to your followers.

Educational content, like Neil Patel’s SEO tips, can attract thousands of views per reel. Alternatively, humorous and entertaining content, akin to Hannah Marie Hines’ videos, can also be highly appealing to your audience. Understand your followers’ preferences to craft content that speaks to them.

2. Utilize Popular Audio Tracks

Leverage Instagram’s algorithm by exploring the “Reels” section to find trending content with high views.

Take note of the audio tracks used in these reels, and opt for tracks that have at least one million views. Using popular audio can increase the likelihood of your reel going viral.

3. Keep Reels Under 10 Seconds

With the average attention span being around 8 seconds, it’s essential to grab your viewers’ attention quickly.

Create engaging hooks within the first few seconds to ensure viewers watch the entire reel. Short and engaging reels, like Cinnabon’s example, are more likely to attract more views and interaction.

4. Leverage Relevant Hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags to your reels can significantly increase visibility and attract more viewers.

Limit your use to a maximum of 10 hashtags, as excessive tagging may be seen as spam by Instagram’s algorithm. Additionally, consider adding an Instagram feed of reels using your branded hashtag on your website to further promote your content.

5. Time Your Posts Strategically

Posting your reels when your followers are most active can lead to increased engagement and viewership.

Utilize Instagram’s Insights feature to identify peak activity times for your account and schedule your reel posts accordingly.

6. Run Giveaways

Running an Instagram giveaway can be an effective method to boost your follower count and, consequently, your reel views.

But remember, even though giveaways can boost views and followers, you need to stay consistent with your content schedule.

Also, don’t forget to provide value in your content so you can sustain your views and maintain positive follower growth

7. Encourage Engagement with Questions

Engagement is crucial for boosting your reel’s visibility on Instagram’s feeds.

By asking questions in your captions, you invite your followers to interact with your content, leading to more exposure and views.

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Incorporate these expert tips into your Instagram reel strategy, and you’ll witness a significant increase in views, engagement, and brand exposure. Master the art of compelling storytelling combined with trending topics, and your Instagram reels will undoubtedly outperform the competition. Happy reeling!