5 Tips to Grow TikTok Followers: Creators Must-Know

TikTok, a social media behemoth boasting over a billion users worldwide, has transformed from a mere newcomer to an influential platform.

If you are a streamer, growing on TikTok can be a one of your strategies to develop your Twitch or Kick viewers.

Read on, as we unveil five powerful tips that will propel your TikTok follower count to new heights.

1. Gain Insight of Your Target Audience

Initiating a follower surge begins with understanding your current audience inside out. Delve into their preferences, seeking answers to questions like: What content do they crave on TikTok? Are they keen on educational videos or drawn to vlogs?

With a Business account on TikTok, you gain access to a treasure trove of data-rich insights about your audience. Analyze who follows you and actively interacts with your content. With that insight, you can easily tailor your content to their preferences.

The more tailored your content is to your target audience, the higher engagement you get, and you’ll eventually grow TikTok followers

2. Elevate Your Video Quality

While TikTok videos need not be cinematic masterpieces, a subpar video quality might prompt viewers to scroll past your content. Enhancing your video quality can work wonders in retaining viewers’ attention.

Consider investing in a ring light or a small microphone to augment the visual and audio appeal of your videos. Even something as simple as choosing a well-lit, quiet shooting location can significantly enhance your video’s overall quality.

3. Harness the Power of Trending Songs and Sounds

The allure of trending songs lies in their popularity, often amplified by record companies. Capitalizing on these trends can give your videos a boost, thanks to TikTok’s algorithm favoring such content.

Easily find trending songs in the discover tab or use the tracks suggested by the TikTok app while recording new videos. However, remember to stay relevant to your niche and audience; participating in trending challenges that align with your content will yield the best results.

4. Embrace Originality and Stand Out

Jumping on trends is advantageous, but it’s equally crucial to develop original content that distinguishes you from the sea of creators. Identify what unique value you offer to your followers that they can’t find elsewhere.

Experiment with fresh twists on trending challenges to infuse your content with originality and authenticity.

5. Engage with Others Through Duet and Stitch Features

The essence of social media lies in being social. Engage actively with other creators and brands on TikTok by utilizing the duet and stitch features.

Duet with an existing TikTok video, adding your own creative touch, and tap into the follower base of the original creator. Engaging genuinely with others, including regular comments on fellow creators’ content, is a sincere approach to garnering attention and fostering connections within your niche.

Bonus Tips: Use AI Tools To Help You Create Content Instantly

eklipse can convert stream to tiktok video

For Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Kick live streamers, you can always use an AI highlights tool that can help you create content instantly that eventually will help grow TikTok Followers.

One of the tools you can try is Eklipse. This tool is the ultimate companion to boost your streaming presence on social media. Eklipse has AI highlights, Convert to TikTok, and Content Planner, all in one package.

You can check out this tip to learn more about that: How to Create TikTok with AI Generator: Streamer Must-Know


Employing these five powerful strategies will undoubtedly set you on the path to rapid TikTok follower growth. By comprehending your target audience, refining your content’s quality, leveraging trends judiciously, embracing originality, and actively engaging with fellow creators, you’ll forge an influential presence that captivates viewers and propels your TikTok success.

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