How to Add Music on Facebook Story

Want to add music to your stories on Facebook? This is how to add background music on Facebook story easily.

Despite FB overtaking Instagram with the new Facebook music feature, some people may not know how to use it. If you are one of them, don’t worry, as we have created this guide for you.

After being refreshed with a new feature on Instagram, namely Instagram music.

Now the social media Facebook, which is also working with Instagram, also provides a similar feature, on June 25, 2021.

The feature is called Facebook music, which is intended for FB users to want to upload stories with music background.

Almost the same as Instagram, but the difference is that Facebook provides free backgrounds available in it.

This is so that users can create stories without the hassle of looking for a background in the gallery.

In addition, Facebook also does not provide the reels feature as in the Instagram update.

How to Add Music on Facebook Story

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When opening the Facebook application, in the story line or stories, users will be greeted with a new column that reads music with a logo in the middle.

Then to be able to use this feature, simply press the column which will immediately appear the music search display.

Users can select and search for the desired music.

Then if it is then the music will be automatically played.

The next step, the music that has been successfully selected will appear in the music settings section which serves to select the desired music section.

The trick is just slide the part that has been marked, or press the star column above it to place the chorus, then press finish.

Then the user will automatically be taken to the display and background settings section.

At the bottom, there will be a free background from Facebook on the first horizontal row.

Then right below it, there is a background that can be selected from the user’s cellphone gallery.

After the background has been selected, adjust the appearance of the music album bar in the middle according to taste.

By pressing the bar three times to select four types of display.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance, then the user can add effects, text, stickers, lines, and others in the vertical row at the top right.

Thus a review of Facebook following Instagram with the new Facebook music feature, along with how to use it. It’s ready to make your story with melody.


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