How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality

You probably have encountered the “file too large error” when sending videos to your friends. This can be quite irritating especially when you put your heart and soul into making the video. Compressing the video file could be the best solution for that. But when it comes to compressing files, there’s a risk of losing quality. In this guide, we will tell you how to compress video without losing quality.

Compressing your files reduces the bandwidth and upload time. The viewer won’t have to deal with the high buffering rate either. Today, we will talk about some ways you can effectively compress the file without sacrificing the quality of the video. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to Compress Video on PC

One way to reduce the size of your video file without compromising quality is by compressing it into a zip format. The video quality of the file will remain the same using this method. Keep in mind that the size won’t be reduced significantly. However, this method is still worth it due to its effectiveness and practicality.  

How to Compress Video on Windows

If you want to compress your videos from Windows, you should download and install the VLC app first. Once it has installed on your device, you can start to follow the steps below.

  • To begin with, open the VLC Media and go to Media option > Convert/Save.
how to compress video files without losing quality
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  • Then, click Add and select your video file from your device library.
how to compress video
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  • Hit Convert/Save, then you’ll see the list of conversion options.
how to compress video online
Source: doc. invideo
  • After that, select the conversion option.
  • If you have satisfied with the selection, just hit Save, choose the location, and click Start.
  • Wait for a few moment and you’re all set.

How to Compress Video on Mac

Additionally, you can also compress a video on Mac. There are several tool you can use to help you, but Quicktime is the simplest one since it’s a default installation on your Mac. Though it doesn’t feature with complete tool, but it’s still worth trying. Follow these steps to compress your video using Quicktime:

  • First, open the video and go to the File option.
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  • Then, click the export as and pick an option you like.
Source: veed
  • Finally, choose the resolution.

Voila! Now you have reduced your video size without reducing the quality. You can send them to other people and say be to too large-file!

how to compress video online with Eklipse

Alternatively, if you want to compress a video without sacrificing the quality, you can trim the irrelevant parts and only keep the relevant parts. There are many video editing tools you can use for this. Eklipse is one of the best tool to help you trim the video.

Eklipse is not only able to capture the best moment of the video, but it’s also able to let you trim your video manually with its Trim-clip feature. If you are interested to try this feature, you can click here to see the step by step trimming a video using Eklipse tool. Just follow the instruction and own the high-resolution video.

Best Highlights Clipping Software! is an AI highlight generator and video editor that will automatically create highlights from your streams. Simply click below and try it.


So that’s how to compress video without losing quality. You can choose the simplest method that can produce high-quality video. After successfully compress your video, now you don’t need to worry about another error while sending the video to other.

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