How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2023

Instagram reels are one of the best features of Instagram due to their potential to go viral. Reels are one of the best tools to manipulate the algorithm in your favor. What does this mean? You can make full use of the Instagram algorithm to maximize audience engagement. You might be wondering how it’s possible. In today’s article, we will tell you how to crack the Instagram reels algorithm.

Knowing how to manipulate the algorithm in your favor is a huge advantage for anyone who wants to grow their fan following on Instagram. Knowing how the algorithm works will also benefit you on other social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Here’s how you can crack the algorithm.

What is an Algorithm?

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An algorithm refers to a set of instructions for completing certain tasks or solving problems. It’s the way backend programmers have programmed a certain application to work. You might have noticed that social media platforms such as YouTube recommend certain applications while ignoring others. This is thanks to the algorithm. Learning how the algorithm works will allow you to make videos with viral potential.

How Does the Instagram Reels Algorithm Work in 2023?

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The Instagram algorithm is somewhat of a mystery as normal people don’t know what’s going on behind their screens. However, we can learn a lot from the experience of popular Insta users and from Instagram itself. In a recent post, Instagram confirmed that the algorithm will deprioritize content that is recycled from other apps.

Low-quality videos also rank lower on the algorithm. This is understandable and makes a lot of sense. Talking about reels, videos with logos and watermarks from other apps are less visible on the reels. This means that low-quality content and recycled content will garner fewer views. Instagram took this action to prevent influencers from cross-promoting their videos from other apps on Instagram. Instagram also confirmed that funny, entertaining, and interesting content will be more visible on people’s feeds.

Besides that, here’s how Instagram algorithm ranks reels that may come in handy for you:

  • Reel information – Instagram uses various factors, such as audio tracks and popularity, to determine the relevance and ranking of videos. This helps to ensure that users are shown relevant content.
  • User activity – Instagram examines the Reels the users’ have recently engaged with to determine the content that would be most relevant to them.
  • Interaction history – Instagram may show users videos from accounts that they are not familiar with, but if they have interacted with those accounts previously, it helps Instagram to gauge the users’ level of interest in the content.
  • Information about the creator – Instagram’s algorithm aims to provide equal opportunities for all creators, including smaller accounts and new creators, to reach a larger audience through Reels. Popularity of videos is a significant factor in the algorithm to show content from a diverse group of people.

What Else Can Impact Feed Post Ranking on Instagram?

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After knowing the reason why do some reels get more views than others, now is the time to breakdown what things that affect users’ feed post ranking on Instagram.

You can use the insightful information below to improve your understanding:

  • Information regarding the post – Instagram uses various metrics to evaluate the popularity of a post, such as the number of likes, as well as other factors like the timing of the post, the duration of videos, and the location tagged in the post.
  • Information about the poster – Instagram uses various signals to determine the importance of a person to the user, such as the frequency of interactions and the recency of those interactions. Additionally, it looks at the user’s activity, such as their history of liking posts and engagement with certain types of content, to understand their interests and preferences.
  • Interaction history – Instagram examines user behavior to understand their general interest in content from a specific user. This includes analyzing signals such as commenting on the user’s posts and whether the user also interacts with the user’s posts.

How to Crack the Instagram Reels Algorithm?

Here’s how you can manipulate the algorithm in your favor according to Instagram:

  • Post reels that are entertaining (having funny content and attention-grabbing)
  • Post reels that are inspiring (for instance: your fitness journey)
  • Use text, effects, and filters
  • Use music from Instagram’s library or one that you own
  • Make videos on vertical screen

In addition to this, you should avoid posting reels that are:

  • Low-quality
  • Recycled from other apps
  • Against Instagram’s community guidelines
  • Made with a border around them

By following these tips, you will be able to create Instagram reels that engage the maximum number of audiences. Don’t be afraid to be experimental as it will help you learn more about what works and what doesn’t. For now, knowing what to do and what not to do is a great start for anyone.


So that’s how you crack Instagram’s algorithm. Want a powerful tool that can make the process easier for you? Eklipse’s advanced AI will pick the best moments from your gaming stream and turn them into high-quality videos. You can also use Eklipse for editing your video.

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