How to Grow a New YouTube Channel: 7 Must-Know Tips

Are you looking to make a splash on YouTube? This platform offers an immense opportunity due to its expansive audience and highly rewarding content monetization program. Despite concerns about saturation, the data suggests otherwise. Over 98% of Americans visit YouTube each month, and with users streaming nearly 700,000 hours of video content per minute, the platform is bustling with potential. This is, in fact, a prime time to kickstart your YouTube journey.

Discover 7 essential YouTube tips tailored for beginners, designed to secure views, boost subscriptions, and foster steady growth from your very first day and beyond.

1. Optimize Your Channel Name

Selecting the right YouTube channel name is crucial:

  • Incorporate your personal or company name.
  • Include a defining word or phrase.
  • Keep it concise and easy to pronounce.

In case you’re stuck, consider using your first and last name. Many successful YouTubers, such as Peter McKinnon, Michelle Phan, and the trailblazer of vlogging, Casey Neistat, use their own names as their channels.

2. Choose the Right Niche

Picking the ideal niche is simpler than naming your channel. Why? Unlike inevitable realities like taxes, your content niche can evolve.

While you might believe you’re passionate enough to produce countless hours of content, true commitment is tested when faced with the challenges of consistent content creation. Only then will you know if you’re willing to rise early and shoot another video.

Remember, you can change your niche later, although it might impact your existing audience. Spend time defining your channel’s focus by considering:

  • What activity engrosses you for hours?
  • What topic can you discuss endlessly with friends?
  • What do you enjoy learning or watching online during your free time?

3. Maintain a Regular Posting Schedule

Steer clear of the road to YouTube disappointment, which is often paved with unfulfilled intentions.

Treating YouTube seriously means adhering to a consistent and practical publishing schedule. Don’t overburden yourself if you’re just starting out with a weekly video commitment, especially if you’re managing a full-time job and other responsibilities.

Remember, consistency is paramount, even if it means posting every two weeks. Overexertion leads to creator burnout. Jack Innanen, a TikToker and YouTuber, aptly captured the feeling: “I have to make a video today,” a thought that looms over him, resulting in a day filled with dread.

A sustainable schedule ensures steady progress without exhausting yourself, increasing the likelihood of enduring the journey to witness tangible results.

4. Gradual Enhancements in Every Video

A spicy nugget of YouTube marketing wisdom: Videos precede viewers and subscribers.

According to popular YouTuber Ali Abdaal, the first video you create is bound to have its flaws. Instead of pursuing perfection in every video, focus on incremental improvements. Tweak elements bit by bit: experiment with a fresh title sequence, introduce background music, or test new editing software.

These modest refinements accumulate over time, enhancing your channel without overwhelming you.

5. Optimize Video Titles with Relevant Keywords

YouTube serves as a video-based search engine, akin to Google, with search results centered around video content.

Keywords play a vital role in helping the YouTube algorithm discern your video’s subject, increasing its chances of appearing in the “suggested” section alongside related videos. This expands your potential to engage new viewers.

Keywords can be as straightforward as a single word (e.g., “tech”). Longer phrases, comprising two or more words, offer both YouTube and users a clearer grasp of your topic—examples include “house tech,” “drawing tech,” and “smart home.”

Keep it balanced—incorporating one keyword into your title is sufficient. Moreover, prioritize conciseness, as studies indicate that video titles under 10 words perform optimally in YouTube’s search results.

For search results, aim for around 60 characters in your title—approximately 8-10 words, including spaces—since only the initial 60 characters are visible.

6. Link Essential Information in Video Descriptions

Leverage the description section to introduce yourself, your business, and link to your other online platforms.

While you can maintain a standardized template for each video, consider modifications for occasions like promotions, special offers, or product mentions (with affiliate links!).

Always include:

  • Video timestamps (explained later in this article).
  • Links to your other social profiles.
  • Your website and/or a dedicated landing page.
  • A concise blurb about you/your company.
  • Contact details.

7. Harness the Power of YouTube Shorts

how to grow youtube channel

For burgeoning creators, YouTube Shorts are pivotal in channel promotion. These Shorts garnered a staggering 30 billion daily views in Q2 2022.

Shorts, spanning 15 seconds or less, can be combined—up to four 15-second segments—to create a 60-second Short. YouTube identifies any video under 60 seconds as a Short, which features a distinctive red symbol in search results and feeds.

Dedicated Shorts sections, similar to TikTok, showcase these Shorts, allowing users to swipe through the content.

Extract a 15-second snippet from your latest video, transforming it into a Short. For even greater impact, select snippets from various videos during your editing process, yielding a collection of 2-3 Shorts for weekly publication.

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Establishing a thriving YouTube channel requires deliberate steps. Begin with a well-chosen channel name and a clear niche. Commit to a consistent posting schedule, steadily refine your content, and optimize video titles with relevant keywords. Utilize the description to link important information and embrace the potential of YouTube Shorts. By implementing these strategies, you’ll lay a solid foundation for growth, ensuring your YouTube journey is both rewarding and successful.

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