How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post? Try This!

As a streamer, you’ve likely shared your best content or moments from your live streaming sessions on Instagram. Well, now your audience and fans can save that content. Curious about how to see who saved your Instagram post? You’re lucky because we have some useful tips for that right here!

Saving Instagram content is typically done for various reasons. Whether your audience likes the moments you’ve shared, wants to watch the content offline, or intends to repost it on their platform, promoting you as their favorite streamer.

The more important point is, the more people save your Instagram posts or live streaming content, the more it indicates how much they’ve enjoyed your content over time.

So, let’s find out how to discover who has been saving your Instagram content right here.

How to See Who Saved Your IG Post: Ask Your Followers

how to see who saved your instagram post
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This is the simplest tip for figuring out who saved your IG content: directly asking your followers. You could create a poll or inquire directly via Instagram DMs if a follower has saved a specific post. However, this approach may not be suitable for everyone.

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Use Instagram Insights to Check Who Saved Your IG Post

If you want to track your post’s performance, then using Instagram Insights is your best bet. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Professional Account: Switch to a business/creator account to access Instagram Insights.
  2. View Specific Post Insights: Open the post you want to check and tap on “View Insights.”
  3. Check Saved Count: Under the bookmark icon, you’ll find the number of users who saved your Instagram post.

How to Check Your Own Saved Posts

Now, how do you check your own saved posts? Sometimes, we’re the ones who save other people’s content on Instagram. If you’ve saved posts on Instagram and are curious about managing them, try follow these steps:

  1. Access Your Profile: Click on your profile picture to open your page.
  2. Open the Menu: Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Navigate to Saved: Select the “Saved” option to view all your saved posts.

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1. How to View Your Liked Instagram Posts?

Discovering Instagram posts you’ve previously liked is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on your profile picture in the upper-right corner.
  2. In the new menu, select the “Your Activity” button.
  3. Next, tap on “Interactions,” and then click on “Likes.”
  4. Now, simply tap on the post you wish to view!

2. Can You Detect If Someone Saves Your IG Post?

No, it’s not possible. When someone saves your IG post, you won’t receive any notifications, and your name won’t appear in their insights.

At most, you’ll appear as a number when they check how many people have saved their photos, but no additional information will be accessible. So, go ahead and save the post without worry.

3. Why Can’t You Identify Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

Privacy is a fundamental aspect of the Instagram app. Imagine the chaos if everyone could access such data.

While numerous websites and third-party apps claim to offer the ability to see who saved your Instagram posts or who is stalking your Instagram profile, these claims are false.

There is no legitimate way to do this, and such apps are merely scams targeting unsuspecting users. Stay cautious!

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While you can’t see the specific names of users who saved your Instagram post, you can track the number of saves using Instagram Insights. This information is valuable, especially for streamers and influencers aiming to measure their post’s performance on the platform.

Instagram maintains privacy standards, but you can still gain insights into the popularity of your posts. Hope this helps!

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