how to trim instagram story video
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How to Trim Instagram Story Video

Have you ever wondered how to trim Instagram story video? In this guide, we’ll explain to you several ways to trim Instagram story videos.

Sometimes when we create a story on Instagram it doesn’t look right or even too long, especially when uploading videos on Instagram stories.

Sometimes it looks strange, especially when we upload short music videos. For example, such as visual motivational words or story videos that have song lyrics.

Make it fit with the duration that has been determined by Instagram, which is a maximum of 15 seconds for one video slide in the story.

If you want videos uploaded on Instagram stories to be 15 seconds long, you have to create a project or cut the video first to 15 seconds.

Here’s how you can do it.

How To Trim Instagram Story Video With Gallery

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First, open your video gallery, then select the video you want to cut, click ” Edit” and cut it according to the maximum duration of 15 seconds.

Then save the video and you can make it on Instagram stories just right.

How To Trim Instagram Story Videos With VN Video Editor

Make sure you have a video editor application, namely VN (Download VN Editor).

Then, open VN Video Editor and create a new Project.

Select the video you want to cut and import it into the timeline.

Cut and make the video duration to 15 seconds.

Finally, you can save the video and please upload it on Instagram Story.

How To Cut Instagram Story Videos With Instagram

In the Instagram Story feature, you can cut videos that are longer than 15 seconds.

Since this feature is limited and more automatic when trimming, you can’t determine where the video should be cut.

The trick is: upload your video that has a duration of more than 15 seconds, then in the bottom corner you will see the part that has been split, or divided.

To select or delete the video, you can hold down on the part you want, then swipe up, the “Trash Can” icon will appear, you can delete it with this feature.


Currently, Instagram Stories only limit the video duration to only 15 seconds, maybe if you want to upload videos with a long duration of more than 15 seconds, you can upload them on Feed or IGTV.

Those are tips so that the videos on your Instagram stories are of the right duration, hopefully they are useful! Stay tuned to Eklipse for more tips and tricks regarding Instagram!