Instagram Reels Hashtags Tips: Get More Views and Followers


If you want your Instagram Reels to reach a wider audience and gain more followers, using hashtags effectively is essential.

Let’s explore some valuable tips on how to make the most of Instagram Reels hashtags to boost your views and engagement.

Discovering the Right Instagram Reels Hashtags

There are four effective ways to discover the best hashtags for your Instagram Reels.

1. Utilize the Search Function

To find the most suitable hashtags, tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. This opens up the search function, allowing you to explore popular videos and trends on Instagram. You can delve into specific themes by tapping on the topics at the top or simply enter keywords in the search bar to find relevant hashtags, users, and sounds. For instance, if your Reel is about books, search for “books” to find relevant results.

The search results are organized into tabs:

  • Top: Displays the most popular results for your search term, based on your app usage.
  • Accounts: Shows relevant accounts related to your search.
  • Tags: Showcases popular hashtags related to your search term.
  • Places: Reveals relevant locations near you based on your search term.

2. Learn from Competitors

A valuable approach to finding great hashtag ideas is to analyze what popular social media influencers and brands are doing on Instagram. Examine their videos closely to identify the hashtags they use. Learning from others in your industry or niche can be quite beneficial.

3. Leverage Hashtags from Other Platforms

Consider using hashtags that are trending on platforms like TikTok or Triller. Sometimes, hashtags that work well on other platforms can also work wonders on Instagram Reels.

Using the Right Hashtags

Selecting the right hashtags is crucial to make your content stand out on Instagram.

While popular hashtags may seem appealing, keep in mind that they are used by many others, making it more challenging for your content to be noticed.

For your Instagram Reels, opt for targeted hashtags that are specific to your content.

For example, use hashtags like #nycbookstore instead of generic ones like #books. This way, you can attract a more relevant audience.

Of course, using some popular hashtags is still important, but also focus on ones with smaller followings.

Additionally, consider creating custom hashtags for your content, such as #reeloftheday for your NYC bookstore-related Reels.

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By using hashtags thoughtfully, you can expand the reach and impact of your Instagram Reels, attracting more viewers and followers.

So, start implementing these hashtag tips and watch your Reels soar to new heights!

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