5 Ways to Promote Your Streaming Channel Using Social Media

In the gaming industry, social media plays a crucial role in the success of game streamers. It goes beyond streaming platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch, offering a broader reach and audience engagement. This article explores the art of optimizing social media for game streamer careers.

We’ll cover tips on platform selection, consistent content posting, diverse engagement strategies, content planning, and collaboration with fellow creators. Get ready to level up your game and discover the power of social media for


1. Choose a Focused Platform

Source: ETH Zurich

Out of the numerous social media platforms available today, is it necessary to be present and become an influencer on all of them? In practice, actively creating content on multiple platforms simultaneously, such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Kick, YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, can be time-consuming.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose just one platform to focus on building your personal branding. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have accounts on the platforms mentioned above! It’s just advised to select the one that aligns with your game niche.

For example, on TikTok, you can become a TikToker who discusses game content and builds your audience community there. Once your TikTok account grows significantly, you can expand to other platforms.

2. Consistent Posting for Social Media

Consistently posting content is key to maintaining an active presence. This ensures that your followers know that you truly exist and that your account is genuine. One of the strategies is to frequently post content.

The type of content is not limited. Here are the recommended minimum posting suggestions to establish content consistency on your social media channels.

  • Facebook: Post between 3-7 times per week. Schedule one post per day.
  • Twitter: Tweet about 10 times per day, spread out throughout the day. Avoid posting in a sequential manner.
  • Instagram: Publish one post per day, but also try to post several IG Stories throughout the week.

3. Create Diverse and Engaging Content

Promoting your live streaming events in your social media bio is a great way to organically build a streaming audience. However, you’ll gain more benefits by creating different types of content. This helps your audience understand that your interests go beyond just playing games. For example, you can also post about your favorite movies or toys.

One type of content that often works well is providing tips and tricks. Some ideas include Tips for Winning Consistently in Mobile Legends. Additionally, you can also ask your audience about topics they would like you to discuss. This can be done through IG Stories.

4. Plan Your Social Media Content

To maintain consistency, you need to plan the content you will upload each day. Research popular keywords or trends to engage your followers and encourage interactions with your account. Therefore, create a content plan for 2-3 hours, which you can execute daily.

Setting aside 2-3 hours to create content will save you more time. This content can be prepared and scheduled to be published according to your plan. One free application that can help you schedule content is Hootsuite.

5. Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaborating with other creators is a crucial step that should not be underestimated. Even though collaborating with other creators, including competitors, may seem counterintuitive, it actually benefits you! Especially for new channels or accounts.

Start by engaging with other gaming influencers on any social media platform you use. Share their content and add some brief comments. This will not only help you gain more followers from those creators but also open the door for future collaborations and ultimately gain visibility from their followers


Social media is crucial for promoting streaming channels. By focusing on one platform, whether it’s Kick or Twitch, and consistently posting until collaborating with other creators, streamers can effectively boost their presence and engage with a wider audience. Harnessing the power of social media is key to success in the competitive world of game streaming.

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