Twitch is Not Profitable Anymore, An End Game for Streamers?

Is it true that Twitch not profitable anymore? In a recent revelation by Twitch CEO, Dan Clancy, it has been disclosed that Twitch, under Amazon’s ownership for almost a decade, is grappling with profitability issues. The recent wave of layoffs, amounting to 35% of the workforce, has intensified discussions about the platform’s financial viability and prompted questions about its future.

Twitch Layoffs and Financial Challenges

Twitch’s CEO, Dan Clancy, acknowledged the platform’s lack of profitability despite hosting renowned streamers. The company’s decision to cut over 500 jobs was driven by a combination of factors, including the current economic climate and slower-than-expected user and revenue growth.

Clancy emphasized that while Twitch remains operational, the layoffs were deemed necessary to secure its future. The company, having expanded beyond necessity, necessitated a workforce reduction. Notably, Clancy did not explicitly address the substantial spending on streamers, a critical aspect contributing to Twitch’s financial struggles.

Broader Impact at Amazon

Twitch’s layoffs are part of a larger downsizing trend at Amazon, affecting approximately 9,000 employees across various divisions. This move follows Amazon’s previous round of layoffs in November, where the workforce was reduced by about 19%. The recent departure of co-founder and former CEO Emmett Shear has added to the uncertainties surrounding Twitch’s future.

Competitive Landscape and Challenges

While Twitch experienced a surge in viewership during the 2020 COVID lockdown and continues to be a dominant livestreaming platform, it faces fierce competition from rivals like Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, legislative challenges from traditional media outlets add to the complexities of Twitch’s position in the market.


As of now, Twitch has not publicly outlined specific plans for supporting the affected employees, such as offering severance packages or job placement services. The lack of profitability and the recent workforce reduction raise questions about Twitch’s long-term sustainability and the strategies Amazon may employ to address these challenges. The streaming giant’s future remains uncertain as it navigates through a highly competitive and evolving industry landscape.

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