Amethyst Minecraft Locations & What you Can Craft With It

Amethyst Minecraft is a new material introduced with the first part of Caves & Cliffs update. It’s awesome because we can find amethysts in Minecraft to craft various precious objects, right? Well don’t get too excited yet–we have to wait until the next half-update before exploring any more. However, there are other things happening now like breeding axolotls and glow berries.

Minecraft amethyst is a unique material that has different stages of growth and blocks associated with it. It can be difficult to understand at first, but this guide should help answer any questions you might have! Here’s what we know about Minecraft Amethysts; where they’re found in-game as well as which items or structures are crafted using these shards.

How to find amethyst shards in Minecraft

amethyst minecraft
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Have you ever found a large, spherical structure while exploring? If so, then congratulations! This is an amethyst geode. The good news is these are easily spotted because they’re usually located between Y = 70 and bedrock with one that was partially exposed on the surface too.

*Once you’ve found a geode, break through the first two layers to locate the amethyst inside. Mining amethyst clusters will yield four shards with an iron pickaxe or better!

So, where you can find these geodes easily? We have compiled the locations from different Minecraft versions.

Minecraft 1.17: Mine underground. These amethyst geodes usually spawn between y: 0 to y: 70.

What you can craft with amethyst shards

For those of you that are looking for the best way to use your amethyst shards, we’ve got some great news. With a little bit of creativity from this list below, there’s really no limit on what can be made:


  • Requirement: 1x amethyst shard, 2x copper ingot
  • Result: A spyglass does precisely what you think it does. You can use it to zoom in on specific locations.

Amethyst block 

  • Requirement: 4x amethyst shards
  • Result: Not much. But as a decorative block, it looks pretty cool.

Tinted glass

  • Requirement: 4x amethyst shards, 1x glass block
  • Result: You can see through tinted glass, but it will block out light. Not to be confused with stained glass.

How to craft spyglass and other items with amethyst minecraft shards

Once you’ve collected all the necessary items to create a spyglass, you could start crafting it. Here’s how to do it.

  1. First, place the glass block in the square in the center.
  2. Place the amethyst shard below and on both sides of the block.
  3. You will get two tinted shards for each time you repeat this step.

But what are amethyst clusters and buds?

Minecraft amethyst can come in a variety of blocks, and it is important to know the difference between them. Blocks refer to different growth stages for this gemstone which makes things easier.

  • Budding amethyst: The ‘base’ block found inside amethyst geodes. You can’t mine these.
  • Amethyst bud: Refers to the first three stages of amethyst growth found on budding amethyst. You can obtain these by mining with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe.
  • Amethyst cluster: The fourth and final stage of growth. These yield amethyst shards when mined.

What are amethyst shards used for?

The amethyst shards block looks funky, with a vibrant color that’s sure to look great in a variety of building styles. Block amethyst also boasts a unique property that produces soothing bell-like music when crossed or hit by an object in the air.

In addition, they can also be used to craft a Spyglass, Amethyst block, and Tinted glass. You can utilize them for your own home purposes in Minecraft.


  1. How to get amethyst minecraft?

They can be found inside geods or by mining until you can spot them.

2. What can you craft with amethyst shards?

You can craft a spyglass, tinted glass, and amethyst block.

So, that’s it about all you need to know about Amethyst Minecraft. Hopefully this guide is useful for you. Stay tuned for more Minecraft and other gaming tips and tricks!

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