How to Redeem a Nintendo Switch Game Code: CHOOSE ONE Full Game Download Card

If you’ve recently purchased a Nintendo Switch game code and are wondering how to redeem it, look no further. Below are the steps to follow in order to successfully redeem your game code and start playing your favorite games on your Nintendo Switch.

Steps to Redeem a Nintendo Switch Game Code

  1. Access the eShop: First, select “Nintendo eShop” from the HOME Menu on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Choose Your Account: Select the account you want to use for redeeming the game code.
  3. Enter the Code: On the left side of the screen, choose “Enter Code” and input the 16-character download code provided with your purchase.
  4. Download Confirmation: Once you’ve entered the code, select “OK” to confirm. The game will then begin downloading automatically once the code is confirmed.
  5. Check Download Status: After confirming the code, you’ll see the game icon appear on your HOME Menu with a download status bar. The status bar will disappear once the download is complete.

Where to Find Your Game Code

Game codes can typically be found on a receipt or card that was provided at the time of purchase. Make sure to enter only the download code (usually begins with a B) and not any control numbers that may also be present on retailer cards.

Additional Information

It’s important to note that some letters and symbols are not used in download codes, such as O, I, Z, and hyphens. These characters will be disabled from the on-screen keyboard when entering your download code.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to easily redeem your Nintendo Switch game code and start enjoying all of your favorite games right away.


In conclusion, redeeming a Nintendo Switch game code is a straightforward process that can be done directly through the eShop on your console. Simply follow these steps and enjoy seamless access to all of your favorite games!

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