Minecraft Dungeons: A Guide and Review

Minecraft Dungeons is one of the names that has managed to carve gold in the video game industry. Its success helped catapulted the name Mojang Studio to reach the peak of its popularity. However, the developer doesn’t want to be lulled for too long because they realize that Minecraft needs innovation so gamers don’t get bored with the content on offer.

On this basis, Mojang Studios finally created a new series of Minecraft which has a different concept from its predecessor. Carrying the Action-adventure genre that invites players to explore dungeons, a new title called Minecraft Dungeons was born. Is this game able to achieve the same success as its predecessor?

Story of Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is set in the same fictional world as the original Minecraft known as “Overworld”. The world is made up of rough 3D objects commonly called blocks. One day, an Illager named Archie, was expelled by the surrounding community. When Archie was about to settle in a new place, he was forced to leave because the locals weren’t allowed to.

One day, Archie finds a powerful artifact known as the “Orb of Dominance”. This artifact can give him magic power, but it can also damage him. After mastering the artifact, Archie transforms into an “Arch-Illager” to take revenge on those who have wronged him. He also formed his own army to conquer the surrounding villages.

Will you be able to stop Arch-Illager’s ambitions?

Find the answer by playing Minecraft Dungeons!

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay

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Unlike the original Minecraft series which carries a sandbox theme and an open world concept, Minecraft Dungeons is an adventure game that tasks you with finding your way through dungeons, defeating hordes of enemies that come your way, collecting items from treasure chests to overthrow the bosses who rule the area. the.

Here we discuss the full gameplay aspect:

This game supports Single-player and Multiplayer game modes. The multiplayer mode itself has two options, namely offline and online. Before starting the game, you will be asked to create an avatar character which you will control during the game. Unfortunately, you can’t customize freely such as changing hairstyles and colors because you can only choose a template design that is already available.

After creating a character, you will be immediately taken to the first dungeon that acts as a tutorial mission. The level design of each dungeon will be randomly generated by the system so it will feel refreshing every time you come back. Your task in each dungeon is actually very simple, namely walking from the starting point to the predetermined end point. However, what makes it fun and challenging is the process of how you get to the end of the level safely. Before choosing a dungeon, there will usually be a character level recommendation to get through it. If your character’s level is less than the requirement, then be prepared to meet a tough test.

At the beginning of the game, your character will only be provided with a standard strength sword. By pressing the O button repeatedly, the character can launch a combo attack from the weapon being used. Each weapon variant has a different range and combo. Dagger weapons have a lot of high-speed combo sets, but their range is very short, while axes have a lot of damage and have a wider turning range. When you launch a standard attack, there’s no stamina limit so you’re free to do it without worry.

To avoid enemy attacks, you are equipped with the ability to roll using the R1 button or by moving the right analog in the direction you want to go. Unfortunately, you don’t dodge continuously because of the cooling down before it can be used again. Therefore, you must be vigilant when trying to escape.

Throughout the game, you will find many variants of melee weapons that can be picked up and used, such as spears, axes, daggers and others. Each character leveling up, you will be rewarded with Enchantment Points which are useful for strengthening weapons. Each weapon has a different rarity and ability. Therefore, make sure you strengthen the weapons that match your playing style.

Apart from melee weapons, you will also get ranged weapons such as bows and arrows. Long-range weapons require ammunition to fire projectiles. Just like melee weapons, long-range weapons can be upgraded using Enchantment Points.

In addition to weapons, there are three support item slots that can later be used to provide buffs to characters such as increasing strength, speed, creating explosions and the like. These items are also based on cooling down which means they don’t run out and only require recovery time to be reused.

Unlike ordinary enemies, boss characters have a Health Bar that is long enough for you to drain. Usually, they have varied attack patterns with fairly painful attacks. Not only that, the boss character can also summon his men to attack your character from various angles. This is what makes playing multiplayer much more profitable than playing solo.

Minecraft Dungeons Visual

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When it comes to presentation, you can’t expect realistic graphics with smooth, high-resolution textures. Despite carrying a different genre, Mojang Studios still maintains its visual characteristics in this game. You will still meet with a mosaic patterned or pixelated checkerboard graphic that is embellished with lighting arrangements. The use of the camera’s point of view has also been changed to Diablo-style isometric so that the player’s field of view is much wider. This game has a very good and stable performance when many subjects and objects appear at the same time. It’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easier for players to understand what is presented in the game.


Music is an aspect that deserves appreciation from this game because in each area, mini-boss and bosses present a unique and dynamic feel. The rhythm of the music playing in harmony with the level of difficulty you are facing. This is what can stimulate our adrenaline and often makes our hearts beat fast. For the sound effect aspect, there are no significant problems because the developer has placed it in the appropriate portion.


To be honest, we’re not really Diablo-type game fans ourselves, but Minecraft Dungeons  is an exception. It offers a fun and engaging gaming experience. Equipped with Multiplayer feature support, your adventure will feel even more exciting, lively and challenging when playing it with friends. Unfortunately, to play Multiplayer online, you can’t make random friends and you can only do this with players who are already registered as friends.


Minecraft Dungeons is an adventure game that is really fun to play, especially for newcomer gamers who are not familiar with the series or even the adventure genre itself. We consider this game very family friendly and can be played with partners, children, relatives or friends. With so much post-release expansion content, we’re sure you’ll be challenged to get back into the game and finish what you missed.


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