Fortnite OG: All Hidden Risky Reels Gnome Locations Revealed

risky reels gnome
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Fortnite OG season is here, bringing back the original map and loot pool for players to enjoy. But that’s not all this nostalgic season has to offer. The mischievous and enigmatic gnomes have also made a return after all these years, and players can find them to earn a delightful XP reward of 20,000 XP per gnome.

With a total of 10 gnomes hidden throughout Fortnite‘s OG season, players have the opportunity to earn a whopping 200,000 XP, which is equivalent to 2.5 levels in the Battle Pass. Keep reading to figure out every hidden Gnome locations!

All Hidden Gnome Locations

To help you track down these elusive gnomes, here are the general areas where you can find each one:

Gnome #1: Junk Junction

Head north from Junk Junction until you come across a giant llama structure made of metal materials. You’ll find the gnome sitting there with a pile of bricks.

Gnome #2: Pleasant Park

Enter Pleasant Park and head south from the soccer pitch. Look for a campfire where the gnome will be sitting alongside a teddy bear friend and a cooler.

Gnome #3: Between Tilted Towers and Greasy Grove

Find the mountain located between Tilted Towers and Greasy Grove. Look for three trees and a giant rock. The gnome will be sitting in a chair next to this rock, accompanied by three little teddy bears.

Gnome #4: Shifty Shafts

In Shifty Shafts, head to the lower levels of the mines. Use your Pickaxe or Harvesting Tool to destroy the wooden wall and reveal a gnome playing cards with some teddy bears.

Gnome #5: East of Shifty Shafts

Just east of Shifty Shafts, climb up the mountain closest to the river’s bend. On top of this mountain, you’ll find a discarded Battle Bus with a gnome who crash-landed head-first into the dirt. Looks like this gnome forgot to deploy their glider!

Gnome #6: Dusty Divot

Head to Dusty Divot and stick to the west side of the massive crater. You’ll come across a small puddle of water where the gnome will be sunbathing with a teddy bear friend.

Gnome #7: Risky Reels

Venture to Risky Reels and look for two camper vans in the northern area of this point of interest. Behind these vans, you’ll find a gnome waiting patiently for both company and dinner.

Gnome #8: Wailing Woods

In the center of Wailing Woods, there’s a hedge maze. To the left of this maze, you’ll discover a gnome trapped inside a metal cage. Break open the cage to free the gnome and collect your XP reward.

Gnome #9: Lonely Lodge

Visit Lonely Lodge and head to the north area near a small body of water. Here, you’ll find the gnome breaking some rules by fishing despite the “no fishing” sign. Naughty gnome!

Gnome #10: East of Paradise Palms

The final gnome location is just east of Paradise Palms, right beside a cliff. The gnome can be found mourning at two graves, one covered in flowers. Interrupt their grieving to claim your XP reward.

What’s The Deal With Gnomes In Fortnite?

Gnomes have always played an interesting role in Fortnite’s OG map, often being involved in quests and objectives that offer XP rewards. While they may seem like ordinary garden gnomes at first glance, there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Fortnite OG season is set to last until December 2nd, bringing changes from Chapter 1, Season 5 all the way through Chapter 1, Season 10. So, if more gnomes show up in the game, you can expect related quests and challenges to appear.

Remember, each gnome you find in Fortnite OG will reward you with 20,000 XP. So get out there, explore the map, and earn those levels in the Battle Pass!


Finding the hidden gnomes in Fortnite’s OG season can be a fun and rewarding experience. With a total of 10 gnomes scattered across the map, players have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of XP. Remember to keep an eye out for the “!” symbol that appears when you’re near a gnome’s location to make your search easier.

So grab your pickaxe and start hunting those gnomes! They’re waiting to be found and reward you with valuable XP. Good luck on your gnome-hunting adventure in Fortnite OG season!

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