Where to Find Boogie Bombs in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s No Sweat Summer event is up and kicking, testing players’ skills with six different challenges, with each subsequent challenge unlocking after completing the previous one. One of these challenges tasks players with using a boogie bomb to make a character dance, which is why many new players are wondering where to find boogie bombs in Fortnite.

But, what’s with the challenges, and…

Why Bother to Find Boogie Bombs?

how to get boogie bombs in fortnite

Completing a challenge has its perks; with each challenge unlocked, you get to win exciting bonuses and rewards. Several players have complained about a sluggish progression in their player XP this season. And because you get to earn 15,000 XP as a reward for completing the task of making a character dance with a boogie bomb, everyone’s keen on completing this challenge for a quick XP boost.

For those unfamiliar with a boogie bomb, it is a throwable item in Fortnite that makes everyone in its radius start dancing uncontrollably for 5 seconds. Meanwhile, they can’t use weapons, making them far more vulnerable.

Similarly, throwing a boogie bomb at someone driving a tank would force them to eject, giving you a chance to take over the vehicle. So while it may not seem like the most useful item in battle, using it strategically can make it pretty handy. In any case, it’s definitely a party starter.

How to Get Boogie Bombs in Fortnite?

make a character dance to a boogie bomb

To find boogie bombs in Fortnite is not as difficult of a task as it seems to many new players. The most likely places to find them are these:

  • On the floor: You can often find Boogie Bombs just lying around on the ground. They’re usually located inside buildings and in crowded places.
  • In chest loots: Chests can be found all over the map, but you are most likely to find them at locations such as the Rave Cave or Tilted Towers. Given the number of chest spawns bombarded at the Tilted Towers in the chapter 3 map, you’ll likely find a boogie bomb there.
  • Near NPCs: For the No Sweat Summer event’s challenge to make a character dance with a boogie bomb, we’ve noticed that boogie bombs mostly appear near NPCs. So it’s best to look them up on your map and search for a boogie bomb near these characters. 

To Sum It Up

The fact that Epic Games has managed to keep people engaged with Fortnite even 5 years after its launch is partly because of how they manage to keep things interesting in the game. The No Sweat Summer event is just one occurrence in Fortnite’s constantly released fresh content, such as the New Prime Shotgun, which is how the developers keep the fun going. We hope the guide helps you find plenty of boogie bombs to mess around with. Have fun!

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