Engaging Live Streaming: The Power of Epic Gameplay, Humor, and Education



Hey, guys! As content creators, you are essentially part of the entertainment world. Your primary goal is to entertain the audience. Now, let me ask you this: have you ever watched a video from a content creator and quickly felt bored or uninterested? Perhaps you’ve even watched a lengthy video but still found it lacking excitement or entertainment value. Usually, this happens because the content creator simply broadcasts their content without providing any additional value or keeping the audience engaged.

Based on our experience in the world of live streaming, we have identified three important values that you can adopt and apply to your own live streaming sessions.

Coarse Goals:
1. Showcase exceptional gaming skills through epic gameplay.

2. Inject humour into gaming content to entertain and engage viewers.

3. Provide educational insights and tips to help viewers improve their gameplay.

4. Personalise your style by experimenting with different values.

5. Prioritise audience engagement as a top priority in live streaming.

Epic Gameplay:

Epic Gameplay refers to showcasing your exceptional skills in a particular game. It’s all about demonstrating your expertise and even boasting your abilities. This value is particularly effective for competitive gaming content.


Humor is one of the most frequently used values in gaming content. You don’t necessarily have to be extremely skilled at a specific game. Instead, focus on having a fun character, a humorous charm, or even display silly reactions while playing games. These three elements can be added bonuses to entertain your viewers.


Education is an advanced stage of epic gameplay. Once you feel confident in your gaming skills, you can leverage those skills to provide tips and tricks to your audience, enabling them to improve their own gameplay. By imparting valuable knowledge, you not only entertain your viewers but also educate them. This way, your audience will feel both entertained and informed.

Remember, you don’t need to possess all three values. Simply choose one or two values that align with your personality and style. Feel free to experiment and find what works best for you. Best of luck with your live streaming!

In conclusion, incorporating these values into your live streaming sessions can significantly enhance the overall experience for your audience. Whether it’s showcasing epic gameplay, injecting humor, or providing educational insights, engaging and entertaining your viewers should always be a top priority. So, go ahead and give it a try! After these courses, you will learn how to engage and build good communication with your audience.