How to add “Siri voice” to tiktok?

How to add “Siri voice” to TikTok is the topic that we will cover for you guys in the following article, so make sure you keep up.

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TikTok is similar to many other applications and is incredibly user-friendly. New users can still find simple stuff a little hard to understand. So new users and people who find it difficult to understand how to add Siri voice to Tiktok this article is for you. Let us begin,

What is Siri voice?

Recent months we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of the voice-over effects on tiktok. Siri is the dedicated voice assistant of Apple and she has the most amazing and easy to understand voice than any other voice assistant.

You can use Siri voice effect to add any text instructions you please in your video without using your own voice. The majority of individuals just give up because they believe it will take an excessive amount of time to learn. While integrating your voice into the videos does take time, it is not to the point where you should give up.

Steps to learn how to add Siri voice to tiktok

Follow these simple steps to quickly learn how to add Siri voice to tiktok:

  • Launch your TikTok app and press the “+” you see in the center.
  • Shoot anything you want or select a video from your gallery
  • Hit the “Upload” button.
  • Now click the check mark.
  • Tap on the text for the voice to read your text.
  • You will see a pop up appear that says “Text-to-Speech.”
  • You may also hear Siri’s voice at the same time.
  • Add whatever caption you need and voila!
  • You did it. Good job!

The voice actor who narrates as Siri was unhappy with the application using their voice without consent and they filed a lawsuit against Tiktok. The sound is still their but unfortunately, it is not the default sound anymore. Hence we wrote this article to guide you how to bring that nice and crisp voice back.


The solution to the question of how to add Siri voice to TikTok has been very briefly explained in this blog. But we are pretty sure that no additional information is necessary if you only want to try and incorporate Siri voice into your videos. You can also check out our blog for more on how to on Tiktok.
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