Top Fortnite Streamers on Twitch 2022


The fact that Fortnite twitch streamers have a large presence on streaming services like Twitch is among the main reasons for its success. Being one of a Fortnite Streamers, on the other hand, might be a mixed benefit, particularly if you’re attempting to have fun while impressing an audience.

The streaming mode is straightforward. When you enable the mode, your identity is hidden from other players. The following is a list of the best Fortnite streamers, the best streamers in the game, or those that have the most audience watching them.

Image shows fortnite streamers in their fortnite skins
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Recent Top Fortnite Streamers list

  1. Ninja
  2. Tfue
  3. Clix
  4. SypherPK
  5. NickEh30.
  6. MrSavage
  7. Jelty
  8. Jolavanille
  9. Bugha
  10. pizfn

Best Fortnite Streamers of all time

Streamers on Fortnite and content developers have an equal role in the game. These are the players who receive a lot of attention, have a lot of viewers, and have a lot of clouts. They must concentrate on both engaging the audience and playing properly. They must be entertaining, amusing, and of a sufficient competence level to keep things interesting.


Ninja, a.k.a. Richard Tyler Blevins, is the most well-known Twitch streamers Fortnite gamer on the globe. If you’ve ever heard of Fortnite, you’re familiar with him. Ninja has over 13 million Twitch subscribers and averages over 53,000 viewers every broadcast.

He’s been on Twitch since the beginning and is a fan favorite because of the amount of work he puts in. Ninja is recognized for his fast-paced, aggressive gameplay style as well as his long hours of dedication. Also, Ninja may be seen on as TwiDrDisrespect.

image shows Ninja's fortnite icon
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Loserfruit is now one of the most popular Fortnite girl streamers and overall broadcasters on the internet. She enjoys a number of games, but Fortnite is her most well-known. For this, she’s been given an in-game skin.

She has won the second Fortnite Icon Series as one of the finest Fortnite broadcasters in the game, in spite of a few others. Loserfruit, like a few other broadcasters, has shifted to more generic programming over time. Her Fortnite feeds are still regular, and she’s a well-known Fortnite broadcaster in her own right. She even has her very own Fortnite skin. How cool is that?

image shows the fortnite icon of fortnite streamer loserfruit
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SypherPK is a professional Fortnite player and streamer with a solid YouTube audience for his material. While SypherPK is a Fortnite streamer who focuses on having fun, he is also a competitive player. Thi guy gets a lot of enjoyment out of the title. He has been one of the best players in Chapter 2 of the game for a long time, seldom participating in other games.

He just debuted his own fashion apparel line, Metal Umbrella, which features gaming-inspired items. You may purchase sweatshirts, shirts, caps, and bandanas that have been developed and authorized by the streamer. Check out Sypher’s really cool Fortnite icon.

image shows Fortnite streamer sypherpk's fortnite icon
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Turner Tenney, often known as “Tfue,” is largely regarded as the finest Fortnite streamer on the globe right now. Tfue routinely outperforms other frequent streams in every tournament he participates in. Tfue’s most recent victory came in the Fortnite Korean Open with Kittyplays as his “Duos” partner, among his other awards and tournament victories. Tfue has a “no-nonsense” attitude to the game, preferring to shatter Fortnite world records rather than engage in “small-talk” throughout his live.

image shows twitch streamer Tfue
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Brett Hoffman, often known as “Dakotaz,” is a Fortnite streamer who is 32 years old. Dakotaz is recognized for his incredible sniper abilities, as well as his distinct voice and no “face-cam” approach to the game. On Twitter, he has over 3 million followers because of his rapid ability to pull off spectacular “No scope” trick shots. Dakotaz has averaged 15k viewers each broadcast since the beginning of 2019, and he’s been dubbed the “mentor streamer” by numerous pro-players.

image shows Twitch streamer Dakotaz
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Lazarbeam is undoubtedly one of the most popular Fortnite streamers, yet he only streams at odd hours. He mostly creates YouTube videos, however when gathering material for these clips, he streams. LazarBeam creates entertaining stuff. It frequently centers on attempting to win while being obviously inept at the game. Despite doing foolish things like swimming across the whole battlefield, he still manages to rack up huge kill counts and win games. In the Fortnite Icon Series, he even has his own skin.

image shows lazarbeam
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TSM Myth

Ali Kabbani, a.k.a. “TSM Myth,” had over 4.7 million Twitch followers and was a competitive Fortnite player for the TSM clan. Myth was regarded as one of the finest builders in the game, and his insane construction abilities were frequently cited by practically every pro-player. Myth also used YouTube to vlog about his everyday life and the different Fortnite tournaments he attends. He quit playing Fortnite and left TSM clan to explore new things.

Source: GINX Esports TV

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world, with colorful outfits, unique aesthetics, and a strong streaming presence; it is still one of the best videogames, esports, and streaming options available today. On Twitch, Fortnite is also one of the most popular games. While its popularity has fluctuated throughout the years, it remains one of the most widely broadcast games online.


Which streamers quit Fortnite?

The streamers we know who have quit Fortnite are Benjamin “DrLupo” Lup, Turner “Tfue” Tenney, TSM myth and Ninja.

How much do Fortnite streamers make?

That is determined by the streamer. Expert broadcasters may earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per month on average by playing roughly 40 hours per week. The revenues of Fortnite Twitch streamers are determined by the number of viewers of each stream, the number of subscribers, and the number of donors.

Why do streamers use colorblind mode Fortnite?

When this feature is activated, the stream becomes ‘compatible’ with their vision, allowing them to see it.


Streamers Fortnite has revolutionized the gaming industry like every game has in the last year. We hear names like Dakotaz and Ninja, among many others, all over Twitch and beyond as some of the finest Fortnite streamers ever. These two are undoubtedly at the top of our top-rated Fortnite streamers, but there are plenty of others to watch.

Twitch branding has been pushed to new levels by top Fortnite twitch streamers. Despite the fact that the game is no longer at its initial, record-breaking high, it is still a massive force to be reckoned with on the streaming market. If you want to play Fortnite on PC or Chromebook try these articles.

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