NotLikeThis Meaning and Origin: The Legendary Twitch Emote


In Twitch community, where people watch live streams and chat with each other, emoticons are super important for expressing feelings and connecting with others.

One particular emote, called NotLikeThis, has become really popular because it shows when things are going really bad or when something unfortunate happens. In this article, we’ll explore what the NotLikeThis emote means and where it came from

Let’s dive in and discover the power of this emote and why it matters in Twitch streams.

NotLikeThis Meaning and How It’s Used on Twitch

The NotLikeThis emote is a popular symbol on Twitch that shows when things are going terribly wrong.

It’s used when viewers tell stories about tough events in real life or during gameplay. This emote is perfect for expressing frustration when everything seems to be going against you.

Origin of NotLikeThis Emote

The NotLikeThis emote first appeared around 2015. The image used for the emote is of a Twitch employee named Ben Swartz, also known as Bensw.

The picture was taken during an EVO event where HugS86, a well-known player, lost a tournament game.

Ben has always habitually put his hands in his hair when things get tense or upsetting, and he uses that gesture at that moment. Meanwhile, the phrase “Not Like This” comes from the movie “The Matrix.”

How the NotLikeThis Emote is Used

Viewers use the NotLikeThis emote in different situations, especially when they come across cringe-worthy moments or when a streamer is going through a string of unfortunate events.

As the stream progresses and things get worse, viewers find comfort in using this emote to show empathy. It visually represents a shared experience of disappointment and frustration.

Since NotLikeThis is an official emote from Twitch, you can simply type it on the chat to use it. Just type “:NotLikeThis” and Twitch will automatically convert your text into the legendary emote.


In conclusion, the NotLikeThis emote holds significant meaning within the Twitch streaming community. It originated from an image of Ben Swartz, a Twitch employee, expressing his emotional reaction to a tournament loss.

It has become a symbol of disappointment and frustration, used by viewers to show empathy during challenging or cringe-worthy moments on streams. As Twitch evolves, the NotLikeThis emote remains a powerful tool for effective communication and connection among streamers and viewers.

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