PepeHands Meaning & Origin: Twitch Emote to Express Sadness

The PepeHands emote has become a go-to symbol of sadness and empathy on Twitch, the ultimate platform for live streaming.

In this article, we’re going to dig deep into what PepeHands really means, where it came from, and most importantly, how you can rock it in your Twitch chats. Buckle up and let’s dive into the captivating world of PepeHands!

PepeHands Emote Meaning

PepeHands is like a visual SOS signal for sadness and distress. When you’re feeling down or want to show support to a streamer going through a tough time, PepeHands comes to the rescue.

It’s like a secret language of sadness that lets you express yourself without saying a word in the chat.

PepeHands Emote Origin

PepeHands is part of the big Pepe the Frog emote family, born from the creative mind of Matt Furie.

It gained serious traction when Forsen’s loyal followers started spamming it around 2017. Since then, it’s taken over platforms like Reddit and forums everywhere, becoming a powerful symbol of sadness in the online world.

The emote itself showcases Pepe the Frog, hands raised in front of his face as if shielding himself from the world, tears streaming down.

It’s a poignant image that perfectly captures the essence of sorrow and has become an instantly recognizable symbol for expressing feelings of sadness or even depression online.

Using the PepeHands Emote in Twitch Chat: The How-To Guide

So here’s the deal: PepeHands isn’t an official emoji on Twitch, but don’t fret! There are two nifty third-party extensions that’ll hook you up with PepeHands and a whole bunch of other emotes: FrankerFaceZ and BTTV.

  1. FrankerFaceZ: To get in on the FrankerFaceZ action, link your Twitch account and install the plugin on your trusty browser. Once you’ve got it set up, you’re the boss! Customize your account settings to decide where specific emotes should pop up on Twitch. And guess what? They’ve got a whole stash of Pepe the Frog-themed graphics, including our beloved PepeHands.
  2. BTTV: Now, if you’re looking for more emote goodness, BTTV is here to save the day. It plays by the same rules as FrankerFaceZ. Download and install the BTTV extension on your favorite browser, log in using your Twitch account, and voila! You’ll unlock a world of PepeHands and a boatload of variations, giving you a whole arsenal of emotions for your Twitch chats.


PepeHands has cemented its place as an emotional powerhouse within the Twitch community.

So, the next time you stumble upon a moment of sadness or want to send a virtual hug with PepeHands!

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