Can you Stream Twitch With 3G Network? Here are All Network-related Questions on Streaming Answered!


Twitch is undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming platforms with around 140 million users in there. So it’s not so strange seeing so many people want to be a streamer on Twitch.

But, streaming to start streaming is not an easy task. Especially if you don’t have a proper internet connection. Some of you that are aspiring to be a streamer often ask, what is the minimum requirements internet connection to stream to twitch? Can I stream Twitch with 3G mobile connection?

In this article, Eklipse team will answer that question so it can help you decide the best internet for you to be a streamer!

What is the Minimum Internet Speed for Streaming on Twitch

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Many sources said, that the minimum internet speed to stream on Twitch is 3 Mbps. With that level of connection, you will able to show your gameplay to the viewers with an enjoyable quality 720p 30 fps video. Anything below 3 Mbps will lower your stream resolution to 480p which is not really 

It is vital to know, that the 3 Mbps of minimum requirement are the upload speed of your internet, not the download speed. 

Sometimes, ISPs only advertised their download speed while quietly sweeping the upload speed information under the rug.

So, even though you are buying a 3 Mbps internet plan, you still need to check out the upload speed first. You can check your internet speed via tools like speed test that will show your download-upload speed and also your ping.

How Much Mobile Data Does Twitch Use?

Streaming Twitch on your mobile uses up a ton of data, just like other platforms. The amount of data you use depends on the video quality you’re streaming at. Check out the table below to see how much data you’ll use when you stream on Twitch using your mobile at 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, or 160p.

ResolutionData Per MinuteData Per Hour
1080p26 MB1.5 GB
720p15 MB900 MB
480p11.7 MB700 MB
360p5 MB300 MB
160p1.9 MB115 MB

How Fast is 3G Connection?

The download and upload speeds for 3G can vary greatly depending on where you are and which country you’re in. The average stable 3G connection should hit around 3 Mbps, but you could end up with anywhere from 348 Kbps to 7 Mbps for download speeds. And if you’re a content creator, upload speed is even more important – it can range from 0.4 Mbps to 2 Mbps.

Keep in mind, your distance from the nearest 3G tower, your device’s tech, and if you’re moving around can all impact your speeds. It’s tough to tell if your device is getting the best speed it can without running an internet speed test, so if you’re planning to stream on Twitch using 3G, just run a test to be sure.

Is 3 Mbps Good for Streaming Twitch?

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Image source: Wired

As we mentioned above, 3 Mbps is the minimum requirement to stream your gameplay to Twitch. However, the minimum requirement definitely will give you some limitations like you can only stream on 720p 30 FPS and some compression artifacts since the platform compresses your stream to carry out your internet connection.

Another important note about the minimum connection requirement is that you need to be the only user of that 3 Mbps for streaming. If you share your internet, it means your upload speed will be down and cannot meet the minimum requirement.

For the recommended internet connection, you need at least an 8 Mbps connection for streaming on Twitch. With that speed, you will have considerable headroom to stream at 720p 60fps, also it will have some leftover bandwidth if you are sharing that connection with your family.

Can I stream to Twitch With 3G Connection?

The short answer is yes, Twitch does work on cellular data and you can stream twitch with a 3G connection. 

But, doing so has some drawbacks, because you need a fast and stable connection when doing a stream. Some of the drawbacks of streaming with a 3G connection are stuttering, buffering, frame drops, and corrupt frames. 

That’s all because the mobile network is highly susceptible to packet loss, and variance in speeds over time. 4G and 5G internet are no exception to that problem, even though they will be less affected than a 3G connection because they are having a higher speed.

Also, mobile network connectivity is influenced by many factors that can cause it to be unstable, like the geographical location, position of the cell tower, weather, etc.

So if you are asking, can you stream with a 3G connection? The answer will always be yes. But for proper setup, you better be using fiber optic to have a faster and more stable connection.

How to Test your Internet Connection for Stream on Twitch?

Rather than only checking your internet speed through speed test tools, or trying to calculate it manually, you can actually test it by using tools.

You can use something like a bitrate calculator that is provided by a by the 3rd party or using the official tools that are provided by Twitch. You can access the tools via, and to test your stream you can follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Login with your Twitch account in
  2. Click on the streaming test option
  3. Then you can find the follow-up instructions on the site and then choose your operating broadcast system

After doing the test, Twitch will give you details on the internet speed you need for the different audio and video types. After that, you can use that information as a guide to choose your data or internet plan so you can provide a good quality stream to your viewers.

Some Tips to Improve your Internet Speed for Streaming on Twitch

Aside from choosing the proper internet, you can do some of these tips to keep your internet stable when doing a stream. Some tips to improve your internet speeds are:

1. Close other apps that use an internet connection

When streaming on Twitch, make sure you are closing other apps running in the background. Something like YouTube or Discord that is running in the background can slow down your internet speed. 

So, make sure to close it except if you are using it for communication or content in your stream.

2. Don’t Use Multiple Devices

If you are using wifi, make sure it only connects to your PC for the stream. Because it will affect your network if you are connecting the internet to multiple devices like your phone, tablet, etc. So, before doing a stream, make sure to turn off your other device connections to the wifi to ensure a fast and stable internet connection.


So that’s the answer to your questions. Though you can stream with 3G connection, it is always advisable to use a faster and more reliable internet connection to ensure an exceptional quality of your stream content.

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