How to Add Emotes to Twitch?

Who doesn’t love Twitch emotes? Although they are used often, some users may still not know how to add emotes to twitch. Twitch emotes are fun ways to show off your creativity and engage with other viewers.

You can use them in chat rooms or express support for fellow creators! It’s also a great way to make your channel stand out on Twitch, whether you’re looking at getting more subscribers there yourself or simply love watching people play games while chatting about what they like best about it.

In this article we will cover how customizing an emote works; where to find some amazing ones that others have made available, as well as provide links so anyone interested has easy access right away.

How to Add Emotes to Twitch?

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard for us to keep up with the changing trends. One way that gamers have found success is by downloading add-ons from Twitch so they don’t miss any of their favourite twitch streamers‘ emotes. BetterTTV is the best and most famous enhancement for Twitch that you can use in order to use more emotes.

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  1. Getting started.

    To get started, go to

  2. Download.

    Click “Download” in the top right corner of your screen and once completed you will have an extension for Google Chrome or Firefox installed on your computer.

  3. Enable both BetterTTV Emote and Gifs.

    Click “On” next to them on the bottom left-hand side – they are ready when their icons show up with boxes surrounding each option that reads ‘ON’.

Making Twitch Emotes

Emotes are a great way to express emotion through graphics. Unlike emojis, the design possibilities for Twitch emotes are endless because you can be as creative with them by following specific formatting and size requirements- here’s what they look like.

You must have .png file formats: 28 x 28 pixels or 56x56px though if using Simple Upload then there is room up until 4096 x 4096-pixel dimensions available too. You cannot upload images that exceed these limitations so keep this in mind when creating your own artwork just in case it doesn’t show correctly on stream.

Uploading Your Twitch Emotes

Find your favourite emote and share it with the world. You can upload a custom-made signature to Twitch. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Go on a separate browser tab from where ever you’re viewing this guide, then visit https://help.twitchtv/customer_support/. Choose Affiliate / Partner > Emotes Settings in order that when they click “Upload” next time their mouse cursor leads into one of many categories within which there will be specific instructions for how much space each type requires before being stored onto our servers – but whatever size padding suits best should work fine because we only want them looking good if somebody happens upon seeing their profile while.

How to Delete Your Twitch Emotes?

  1. If you’re unhappy with how your emote turned out, then it’s time for a delete. Here’s what I recommend doing:
    Go to “Creator Dashboard” and select “Preferences.”
  2. From the drop-down menu at the top of this page choose Affiliate/Partner > Subscription > Emote Settings.
  3. Click on Edit in order to find those pesky emotes that just won’t do as they should Roll over each one until their X button becomes highlighted orange (this means we want our cursor).
  4. Now click “delete” and remove it from the channel.

When Can You Add Emotes on Twitch?

As soon as you are accepted into the Affiliate program, you will be able to contribute emotes to Twitch. You can post a restricted amount of emotes for tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 subscribers after you obtain Affiliate status. Affiliates can also add bit tier emotes, but only after a certain number of bits are cheered.

When you reach Partner status, you can apply emote modifications to tier 2 and tier 3 emotes. You will also be able to add cheermotes. Partners can usually add a lot more emotes than Affiliates since Twitch raises the amount of emotes you may add over time as you reach milestones.

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