10 Top and Most-Watched Twitch Female Streamers

Wondering who’s the top Twitch female streamers today? Look no further. Here we have compiled some awesome female Twitch streams you should subscribe!

Gaming is often seen as a man’s world, but there are many women in the gaming industry. 45% of gamers are females and they typically play games that range from first-person shooters or online collectible card games to role playing adventure MMORPGs.

Many popular female Twitch streamers are sharing their love for games and creative talents online. These gamers have become well-known on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, and they have a growing number of fans who enjoy watching them play video games from start to finish!

To help brands stay updated on live gaming influencers, we have created a guide featuring some amazing Twitch female streamers to if you’re interested in these areas. Let’s dive in!

Popular Female Twitch Streamers with More Than 13.8M Followers

1. POKIMANE – 9.2M FOLLOWERS (All-Time Top Female Twitch Streamers)

23-year old Imane Anys is a Twitch streamer who has become well known for her Fortnite and League of Legends gameplay. With 3.4 million subscribers on top gaming platform, she’s one among the most popular gamers right now – up there with MythBuster himself, Neil Armstrong!

She’s also popular on YouTube, and has a second channel there called Poki ASMR. For her extraordinary achievements in video production and gaming she was nominated for the Content Creator of The Year award in 2018!


Kaitlyn Siragusa, a triple threat based in Houston and known for her cosplay skills as well modeling on the side (even while still attending high school), began designing costumes at an early age to entertain herself. After being discovered by two local arts institutions–the Grand Opera Company of Houston, Texas;andballet company Houstontxlway)–this cosplayer and top female Twitch streamers became even more popular than before!

From being a costume designer for Halloween parties to designing Marvel superheroes, she has been featured on local news stations and at comic conventions. Her designs have attracted over one million Instagram followers with 1.5 million Twitch subscribers following her most popular character’s journey through these media outlets!


Loserfruit is a Twitch streamer who has an eclectic library of content. Her favorite game to play on YouTube Live? Overwatch, but she also records herself playing video games like The Witcher 3 and other creative activities such as editing livestreams while broadcasting them for all her viewers around the world to enjoy!

Losie’s engaging personality as one of the top female Twitch streamers makes it easy for people from different backgrounds – including those outside gaming culture-to connect with one another through this platform.


Lilypichu is an interesting and engaging Twitch star who has been friends with Jacky “EternalEnVyu” Mao, a famous League of Legends YouTuber. Her channel includes helpful walkthroughs as well as videos about Japanese culture in general or even just one specific thing such as how to make tempura for beginners!

When she’s not gaming, her favorite thing to do is watch anime and share her playlist on Twitch. Her channel currently has more than 734k followers! She is one of the top female Twitch streamers worth watching!


24-year old, Maria Lopez aka ChicaLive is an esports player best known for streaming her live Broadcasts of multiplayer shooting games like Fortnite. She has been seen in countless tournaments including “Summer Skirmish” and Keemstar’s Friday Fortnight.”

Representing the DooM Clan Organization as well as being apart o TSM (The Sportsman Society) #bushbandits , this top female Twitch streamer and eSports player is no stranger when it comes to competing at a high level against other top notch gamers.


streamelements top 10 most watched female streamers
sweet anita

If you’re not into profanity, Sweet Anita is not the Twitch streamer for you. The 28-year old gamer has Tourettes and went viral last year with her unique sweary videos that are often filled with curse words!

Though she doesn’t reveal much information about herself other than an eccentric upbringing where at one point in life she lived on farms selling sea glass to earn money, people love watching this interesting woman play games online all over Twitch.


21-year old Loeya began streaming back in July of 2017. The Swedish streamer has over 953,000 subscribers on Twitch where she plays multiplayer shooting games including Counterstrike and Fortnite.

To immortalize her favorite moments from the streams she compiles them onto one YouTube channel under the same name.


If you want to be a successful player in both online games and traditional cardrooms, then the name of your game should be “HAFU.” That’s short for ‘ Hearthstone Agent,’ which is what real-life moniker Rumay Wang uses when she streams on Twitch.

This top female Twitch streamer aptitude with this popular TCG has resulted not only from experience playing other strategy titles like Magic: The Gathering or Yu Gi Oh!, but also by teaching others how they can become better too!


KittyPlays is one of the most talented top Twitch female streamers with over 1 million followers. She’s been streaming for about five years, during which she’s covered games including PUBG and Overwatch to name just two of her many interests beyond gaming!

Kittyplays also has an extensive vlog channel where she documents everything from cooking at home to racing supercars on track.


Janet Rose is an online gamer who streams video gaming to fans around the world. She abandoned her degree in early childhood education, because it wasn’t challenging enough for her taste; as one of the top Twitch female streamers, she now spends most of her time on Twitch and has over 260 thousand followers on Instagram!

10 Top Twitch Female Streamers

Here is the latest most watched Twitch streamers that you should know:

  1. Pokimane – 9.2M Followers
  2. Amouranth – 5.8M Followers
  3. Loserfruit – 2.8M Followers
  4. LilyPichu – 2.0M Followers
  5. Chica – 1.8M Followers
  6. Sweet_anita – 1.6M Followers
  7. Loeya – 1.4M Followers
  8. ItsHAFU – 1.3M Followers
  9. KittyPlays – 1.1M Followers
  10. Xchocobars – 799K Followers


Those are some top Twitch female streamers with thousands and millions of followers. Is there anyone among them that you idolize?

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