Everything About Kyedae: Age, Relationship, Net Worth


If you love playing Valorant, you probably know about Kyedae. She streams her Valorant gameplay, videos, and highlights on Twitch. Let’s delve into her personal life, relationships, net worth, and everything you should know.

Kyedae Net Worth

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Kyedae has an estimated net worth ranging from $500,000 to $1,000,000. Her primary sources of income come from her Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as brand endorsements. Recently, she also launched her own merchandise store where you can find a variety of items including hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts. Let’s break down her source of income.


Kyedae earns money through paid subscriptions, donations, and ads. Here’s a breakdown of her potential earnings on the platform:

  • Up to $14,000 from an average of 4,000 monthly subscribers.
  • Up to $6,000 from Twitch advertisements, based on approximately 3 million views per month.
  • Up to $5,000 from donations received each month.

When all these earnings are combined, Kyedae can earn a maximum of $25,000 per month from streaming on Twitch.


Kyedae generates income through advertisements. With her substantial following and viewership, she is estimated to earn at least $6,000 from the ads displayed on her YouTube channel.

Brand Deals

She also receives additional earnings from sponsorships and sales from her merch store. Kyedae has been fortunate enough to secure brand sponsorships due to her popularity. Some of the brands that have sponsored her include:

  • JBL, a company known for manufacturing audio equipment.
  • Amazon Prime Gaming, a membership program by Amazon that offers benefits to Twitch users.
  • Riot Games, a video game developer known for creating Valorant and other well-known games like League of Legends.
  • 2K Games, a video game publisher.

Kyedae Age, Relationship, and Social Media

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Kyedae, born on December 1, 2001 (21), hails from a Canadian family and has a diverse background. She is a Canadian-Japanese Gen Z streamer and internet personality.

Her sister, Sakura Shymko, is also a streamer who showcases her Valorant matches on Twitch. Sakura also engages in Just Chatting and Minecraft content on her channel.

Remarkably, while pursuing her degree in Biology, Kyedae Shymko continues to thrive as a content creator. She currently attends the University of British Columbia.

Kyedae’s longtime boyfriend, TenZ, became her fiancé in 2021 after they met in school and have been together since 2019. They are currently enjoying their engagement, and fans eagerly anticipate the wedding of these two Twitch streamers.

In terms of their family, Kyedae and TenZ are proud owners of a poodle named Kuro, whom they welcomed into their lives in 2021. As a couple, they have also adopted another poodle named Mochi.

With her rise to fame, Kyedae has become a prominent social media influencer. She boasts 2.1 million followers on Twitch, 1 million followers on Instagram, 946K subscribers on YouTube, and 938K followers on Twitter.

Kyedae Career Journey

Kyedae Shymko gained popularity primarily through her Twitch live streams, showcasing her skills in playing Valorant. Initially, she appeared on TenZ’s streams before branching out and creating her own channel.

She shares her journey towards achieving the prestigious “Radiant” rank in Valorant with her dedicated Twitch fanbase. Additionally, she has recently signed with 100 Thieves, a renowned gaming organization, further solidifying her position in the gaming community.

Valorant remains Kyedae’s main focus, as it serves as the foundation for her burgeoning career. Many of her fans eagerly anticipate her ascent to the coveted Radiant rank. However, she also engages in Just Chatting streams to foster connections with her audience and enjoy lighter content.


Kyedae has established herself as an iconic figure on Twitch, captivating audiences with her engaging content. Whether you choose to tune in to her live streams on Twitch or indulge in her reaction videos on YouTube, you can be certain of a delightful and entertaining experience.

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